Tuesday, September 1, 2009

happy homecoming

welp friends, like i said, it is officially official. the day we have been waiting for...on friday {just a few days ago} ben & i started a crazy new chapter in our lives. it is called "responsible home-ownership".

this is us as we were leaving for the closing. ready to sign our lives away & all our dollars on our biggest purchase of all time. its also our last pic in the old place. ben's carrying papers, it seems pretty legit.

this is it! our first home! it sits at the end of a little court in a tree lined neighborhood. there is a list {a literal list sitting on our coffee table} of things that we want to do inside & out but for now, it will do just fine!
here's a little closer look at the front porch. i'm really excited about this! i told you we bought that garage sale bench...this is the porch it is for! i can't wait to refinish it and sit out there on sunny fall days. our first front porch!
benny & me once more
{this is after the closing, after we have the keys, after its official, we're officially standing in our hallway}

{house tour to soon follow}

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  1. Jen, your house looks so cute! I can't wait to come see it. From the looks of the outside I know I am going to love it =)


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