Tuesday, September 15, 2009


it is sad but it is 9:23 & i want to get ready for bed. BUT i have been wanting to share with blogland all day too & haven't had a chance until now so i'm sucking up my fatigue {& my un-showered grime} to post real quick.

i just wanted to say a few bits before i turn in for the night. a goodnight list of news if you will...
1. thank you so much for your prayers about YL club last night. the faithfulness of our father continues to blow me away. there were no shortage of conflicting lafayette practices up against us & as a team i think we were all a little discouraged going into the night with thoughts that no one would show. in between my doubts i kept telling myself that we have a god that is bigger than schedules & agendas & that no matter who showed up that it was exactly who he wanted to have there. and that was my prayer...that he would bring whoever he wanted to hear the gospel that night & that we would be so satisfied in that. what do you know? 60+ students showed up. it was so awesome. at the end they got to hear a talk about how all of creation {every detail} points to a creator. also that this creator loves them, values them & wants to give to them. i PRAY that that will soak into their minds & that they will really dig into what this could mean for their lives, that they will understand a need to dig in. our next club will be next monday @ 8:00 again. prayers welcome for that {& all the interactions in between}.

2. i want eyes to see what the lord is doing. i pray that i don't ever pass over god's faithfulness mistaking it for something else, a coincidence or by my doing.

3. tomorrow is a very big day for the company i work for. when i say big day i mean BIG DAY....super big deal! i don't think that i should really share the details but we need an immense amount of prayer, especially on wednesday at 9:00 am. i'll be completely lifting up the situation to him between now & then.

4. how gracious is our god that we get to come to him through prayer & petition? how awesome that we get to lay down our burdens at his feet & that he always works for the good of those who love him? how unworthy am i to get to experience such grace daily. i am so thankful for these gifts!

5. baby shower in 4 days! yay!

6. UK vs. UL game in 3 days...GO CATS!

7. i ate so much cheese today i thought i was going to be sick.

8. i'm still feeling crazy & busy & swamped but my good friend rach posted a very encouraging message full of reminders that boil down to me having my entire life wrapped up in christ alone & nothing else. i'm going to try to make that a reality. i just don't know what to do with all the "busy" that i feel like is driven by him? i want to be a mary, not a martha. i need to be shown how.

9. i wish it were friday but it's only tuesday. goodnight dear friends.

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  1. Hey friend! Lucky that I read your post right around 9:00! I will be praying for you. Let me know how everything goes. Thanks for the shout out... I need to be shown as well.


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