Friday, September 18, 2009

friends, football & fun...weekend here i come

oh friday, how i love you! i am so pleased to know it is the weekend!

there are many fun things going on this weekend. they may not be that fun to YOU but to exciting. after all, how did i start this whole thing off? if no one is reading - i have my own electronic journal? that's you.

our home is becoming a boy's club this weekend. they would probably prefer i called it a man's den instead. three of ben's best guy friends {tay tay, kinman & jalford} are coming in town to go to a the uk v. ul football game tomorrow from northern ky. they are going to be staying with us and for the first time we have enough room to house all of them! ben moved to lexington after we prayed {for months} about which one of us was going uproot to move to the other's city. fortunately for me, i got a benny in the bluegrass & unfortunately for my boo, benny left most of his closest friends. {not that he doesn't have pals here, but i'm sure you know what i mean about besties}. so a house full of stinkin' boys, won't that be great? i'm excited because i really love these guys & because i know it will make my hubby happy!

i'm also still prep-ing for the baby shower this weekend. hooray!just call me a member of the party planning committee {see awesome clip}. i always enjoy putting things together for friends, being crafty, celebrating friends & making treats. but sometimes i do have a tiny twinge of anxiety anticipating whether or not it will be exactly what they wanted. i would be having even MORE fun party planning if i didnt have a box of kleenex attached to one hip & hand sanitizer attached to other. -side note- i did break down and buy $18 zytec d {for decongesting} and i'm breathing through my nose for the first time in weeks. woo hoo

tonight i also am going to visit craft-master momma steph to borrow some of her craftiness for the shower. added perk to asking for help - you get to see your family!

as i have mentioned {more than once} this weekend the wildcats will take on their arch-rivals, the louisville, cardinals in their 2nd game of the season. i'm so excited to cheer on uk! i don't have tickets so i'll be cheering them on from my couch. i'm sure they still feel my support. GO CATS!

in between my planning, prepping, cheering & celebrating i'm also plotting to get my home in order. normally this wouldn't seem like a fun task. in general its right up there with scrubbing toilets & bathing dogs in my book but i will be so relieved for everything to have a place & for everything to BE IN it's place. it will be such a blessing to actually have my clothes in the closet where they belong when getting ready in the wee morning hours rather than scattered in multiple boxes throughout four different rooms. wish me luck, it will be quite the undertaking. i hope some good ol' home cleaning comes along with it as well.

last but not least ben & i get to spend some much needed quality time together. i feel like i should share that he now affectionately refers to me as a "crazy blogger" whenever i'm near a computer and i now refer to him as my "husBENd" --> in my head anyway.

this will be a jeans & flats weekend for me {hence the flickr pic linked to owner}. i hope dance in your flats too.

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