Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Home {Chapter 1}

i keep my promises. i vowed to show you around so here is our little house tour. this may not be as detailed as i hoped but its early saturday morning & i know that eventually you'll get to see every crevice of our new place. we have so many projects in mind that an abundance of "before & afters" will tell our tale over time.

i took these immediately after we closed on our home! we were so excited. i suppose excitement is what lead me to take crooked pictures that make me feel as though i'm on a boat & leave certain rooms out of my documentation? {sorry} but you'll get the jest. {p.s. - these pics are set up weird...i don't know how to use my husband's computer}

our master bedroom. it's at the far end of the house. it has 3 large windows that bring in a lot of light which eventually i will love. right now we don't have blinds or window treatments so the windows are less desirable. we've already started a project with that nasty fan - its a replacement project.

this is our master bath. i'm kind of embarrassed to show this pic because you can see how foggy the mirror looks. don't worry we cleaned the whole place on move in day. our shower/toilet area are all in the same room as the vanity they are just kind of separated. our closet is attached to the bathroom.

i call this a step in closet. you can't "walk-in" but you can definitely "step-in." all of the closets have built-in shelves so we should have no problem getting/looking organized.

this is our guest bedroom. they left the curtains here. thanks?

this could be another guest room but for us i think it will be more of an office. i'm putting a twin bed in there and setting it up like a couch so someone could sleep in there if we needed more space but benny & i will use it mostly as an office {and a place for benny to be a studious student!} more curtains...yay. them & the fake built in shelves are on their way to the curb.

this is the guest / hall bathroom - single vanity, shower with tub to the left in the picture

here's the kitchen. compared to our last kitchen this is like a palace. pictures are deceiving however. the appliances are great & brand new but we hope to fix up nearly everything else.

here you catch a glimpse of my infamous dishwasher.

this is the eat-in part of the kitchen. we don't have a table small enough to fit here yet. it's still empty. those are french doors leading out to our back deck. it is a wonderful deck. i'm sorry that i did not get pics of the back deck, the front porch, the foyer, the shed, the garage or hallway. like i said, i guess i was just so excited?

this is a shot of how the kitchen nook above connects to the den. the wall is open there. the door that you see ahead leads to the dining room.

this is one shot of the den which my husband calls a front room {even though its in the back of the house}. nook the the left & i'm standing near the doorway to the dining room for some perspective.

this is the dining room. they used it as a living room or sitting room. someday we hope to have some beautiful hardwood floors in here, a credenza & a chandelier to accompany our dining table.

this is the laundry room. love it. i can't wait to decorate & organize this space. i think it will end up being very functional and cute. i've got some ideas! there are two doors in this space - one to the immediate left that leads to the garage and on directly behind me that leads to the foyer.

this is all i have to show for now. we're all moved in so our house doesn't look like this now BUT i wasn't prepared to show our furnished place just yet. we'll get there! one of my goals this weekend is to get all the closets and bathrooms organized, which i think will make each room feel more organized & put-together as well!

thanks for stopping by. i feel like i just had friends over.

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