Monday, September 28, 2009

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hello friends-
this was a fantastic weekend. here is a run down of the fun {if you're interested}:


**worked all day long
**YL leadership. we talked about real friendship & that if we hope to cultivate intimate friendships we must incorporate confession & confrontation. it was really encouraging & made me think about all of my closest friendships. i hope that we love each other in such a way that spurs us on toward christ & brings us closer to each other also.
**lafayette football game @ henry clay {two high schools here in lexington}. we went to go hangout with our h.s. friends. it rained all over me. i hated it. my hair was actually dripping wet when i got home. what a disgusting feeling. but lhs won {yay} & i got to see all kinds of little girls!

**much was accomplished in getting my closets & bathrooms in order which was a project that has drug on for weeks {literally...3 weeks}. my dear friend holly helped to keep me focused.
**i was able to go to a fabric store {hancock fabrics} during a 52% off sale {i know...random} and get 3 desparately needed curtain rods: 1 for the den, the dining room & our office.
**i went to michael's to get some goodies that i hope to be crafting with in the near future & i had a handy 20% my entire purchase coupon. the cheapskate in me loves this. with ribbon i bought there i got to make a simple grapevine wreath with a rich orange ribbon. its hanging on the front door & as i pulled out of the drive way this morning it really made me smile. i would post a pic but i feel like i used such little creativity to make it, i would feel embarrassed.
**i made a trip to the habitat restore. i have been many times in the past & never really picked up anything. that wasn't true this time. we got a dresser for $25, definitely nothing fancy & i can't wait to refinish it. it is going to live in our guest bedroom where we currently have only a bed {with no frame & my college bedding}. i also got a mirror with fun detailing on the top for $5. i'm going to paint the frame, take out the mirror, and convert it into a pinboard for the office. don't worry, you know you'll see pics of all these before & afters.
**no morning trip to southland drive would be complete without a donut days knot. good. the woman working told me that the knots "were sticky today," "sticky?" i answered, "yep, because of the rain" she said. i had no idea that donuts were affected by rain. learn something new everyday.
**went to o'charley's for a surprise lunch for one of my lhs girl's {ami} 16th birthday party. much laughter ensued. our poor server.
**that evening the UK wildcats took on the terrible florida gators. it didn't go well. enough said. BUT we did have the opportunity to have lots of friends over to the house to watch the slaughter & that was great. we had our h.s. pals & our friends our age come on over. i loved the fact that the guys & girls that we are continually trying to live life with, going into their environment, also get to be a part of ours - see who we spend time with & how we love each other.
**after the lil babies scampered off to their homes the old fogies stayed up & watched our dvr-ed 1st episode of 'flash forward.' while i think the acting is a tad uhhh...bad i did REALLY like it! i'm hooked {just like 'lost'} & i just gotta know what's next! here's the cast:

in the show everyone on earth blacks our for 2 minutes & 17 seconds at exactly the same time. while out each has a 'flash forward' of their future. now each person is on a mission to either ensure that the future they saw happens, doesn't happen or just figure out why it happened.

**woke up sick & too late for church
**got sick-er
**had another surprise birthday party for my cousin, darae. she is one of the most joyfully & generous people i know. i was so happy to help her celebrate the big 5-0! she's a fantastic caterer, as well. if you have a need & are in the central ky area, here is her {website}!
**then to love a nap on a sunday afternoon
**it feels like fall outside
**then to finish up the night...campaigners {co-ed bible study with our lhs friends}. we talked about matthew 4 - about us having a serious view of sin, putting scripture in our hearts to be able to fight {eph. 6}, being called by christ to lay it all down, & being fishers of men.


last week for date night ben & i went & saw '500 days of summer.' i thought it was fantastic. i loved the story & the soundtrack. i thought it was unique {but i don't watch many indie-esque movies}. there is a warning at the begining of the film - heed that warning. its a story of a boy who loves the idea of love & a girl who is far less convinced that this exists. it goes through the first 500 days of their interactions.
i also think that joseph gordon-levitt grew up to have a face just like heath ledger. i thought about it the whole movie.
hope you have a blessed day.

"For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him;
as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. "

psalm 103: 11-12


  1. I'm glad we got to hang out this weekend and that I got to see your new house!

    Do you think you could be pregnant since you woke up sick on Sunday morning???? ;)

  2. that's what ben said. morning sickness. and heck no, i don't think so. i think its just my crazy allergies acting up again. DANG IT! isn't it weird that a baby & allergies can do the same thing to you?

  3. this is my favorite post ever. i just love that i get to hear about your day to day life in another way. it just tickles me pink. i adore it.

    so glad you had a great weekend. wish i could've hung out/screamed at the tv with you on saturday night. but i have faith we were both doing it...just not together.

    miss you. less than 2 weeks til i see your pretty face. i'm counting...


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