Thursday, September 3, 2009

"feels just like i'm walking on broken glass..."

not just a hook used in the early 90's annie lennox hit. this melody plays in my head as i think about my night of sleep two days ago.

i was awoke by a painful burning slash on my upper hip / back / bum area. i thought "ouch that hurt" but i was beyond groggy. i grabbed whatever scratched me and threw it on the floor {frowning i'm sure}. when i rolled back over i was scratched again. this time when i pryed my squinty little eyes open i saw something that i thought was that super-hard plastic, like the kind that they put around all fun toys that you can NEVER get open. "how would that end up in my bed?" i thought. this time in less rage i put the sharp object on the nightstand so i could inspect it in the morning.

when i got out of bed the next day {late for work...surprise} i found that i had a 5 inch scratch/cut waiting for me and a matching mini scratch about an inch & a half long right next to it. it was bright-red, raised up and puffy. and it stung. bad way to start the day.

it got worse. i looked at the weapon that i had placed on the nightstand and it was clear like plastic but it definitely wasn't plastic. it was glass! broken glass in my bed. are you kidding me? then i inspected my sheets for more glass; i found no glass but i did find something else. my perfect, new, super soft, cozy, WHITE sheets had {still have} streaks of blood from my mid-night cut. booooo! i'm hoping that some bleach & a good washing will heal my perfect sheets from their current nastiness.

hope you have a wonderful & injury free day {& night)

image provided by flickr & linked to owner


  1. i bet benny did it.
    i heard him saying something about broken glass in bed this past weekend.

  2. What the crap. What a weird thing to happen....

  3. it would only happen to me. come on!

    i pray that none of my friends ever get cut by broken glass in their beds.

  4. haha this is crazy! where did it come from?! :(


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