Tuesday, September 22, 2009

bibs, diapers & more...that's what showers are for

as promised i wanted to share some details of the baby shower we threw this past sunday for our dear friend ang & her baby boy silas daniel. get ready to ew & ah at all the tiny cute baby things.

we made a clothesline to decorate. it was filled with tiny baby bibs, socks, onesies & pants. our theme colors were light blue, tan, brown & white. the room couldn't have been more perfect...it was the exact same colors! they even had dark brown leather couches with tan & light blue pillows. {what are the chances?}

we used twine attached to command hooks {one was faulty so that was kind of a fiasco}. i painted half of the clothespins baby blue & left the other half tan so we could have a mix. we added little ribbons in between for a little added "aw".
here they are...the guest(s) of honor:
our dear friend jenna w. made this precious diaper cake for ang & we also got to use it as a centerpiece. so sweet. holly brought the gorgeous sunflowers. i love them. this was a table we had set up so people could self-address some envelopes for thank you's. just trying to make things 1 step easier for the soon-to-be momma.
"let the games begin" says miss randi who conducted them. each person cut a piece of ribbon as that they thought would fit perfectly around angie & her bump. katie over-estimated by a little - she & ang & the bump could all fit inside her ribbon with more room to spare. her non-spiritual spiritual gift is winning shower games so i'm not sure how this went so wrong.
here's one of the girls! {we look like a rainbow}
this is ang opening her mountain of gifts. she got lots of goodies to start their little family. babies need lots of things & you don't just have them lying around. {this pic & the one above stolen from jenna g}
the spread {with some aluminum still included}. it was pretty much a pot-luck shower. so many friends offered to pitch in and bring yummy treats, it was such a blessing. i made one that is covered. it is my mom steph's recipe for little hot turkey & ham sandwiches {SO GOOD}. her's are better than the ones i made unfortunately, but mine were still tasty. the recipe is included below.
mine & jenna's gift to ang. a rocking moose. it's very poston-ish. i think silas will love this someday!
hope you enjoyed the shower. babies to follow.
hot shower sandwiches {he he}
makes 48 mini sandwiches
sandwich ingredients:
**2 pkg of Rainbow rolls - you can find them at meijer in the bread isle {kroger didn't have them i checked}. they come in a little foil tray & are very small rolls, about 1" X 2".
**lunch meat - i did 1/2 lb. of oven roasted turkey & 1/2 lb. of honey ham {i think you could do any type of lunch meat that you love though}
**1 package of swiss cheese {any brand}. i don't normally like swiss chees either, just give it a chance on this one.
butter sauce ingredients:
**1 stick of margarine - melted
**1/2 tsp of worchestershire sauce
**1 1/2 tsp of ground mustard
**2 Tbl of minched onion flakes
**take the rolls out of the foil in one piece. slice through the middle of the rolls so you have a big layer of tops and a big layer of the bottoms.
**i made one tin of turkey and one of ham. just layer the meat on to the bread {to your liking}and then layer the cheese
**put the top back on the rolls
**place that back in the foil tray it came in. you can even put it back in the plastic packaging as well if you are saving it to bake later {like i did} don't to the butter sauce steps now if you are serving later or your bread will get soggy.
**take your melted butter & the other sauce ingredients and mix them together.
**spoon the sauce over the rolls in the foil tin. make sure to get the ingredients that will sink to the bottom of your sauce as well. 1/2 of the sauce will go in one tin, 1/2 on the other.
**bake in the oven on 350 degrees for 10 or so minutes until the cheese is melted and the bread is golden brown.


  1. Katie mentioned how we should talk about how the rocking moose only has three legs and that's a problem...

  2. You did such a great job planning the shower! It was precious :)


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