Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis."

things that i think are funny that no one else may:

real conversation:
ben: "gosh, why do you like blogs so much?"
me: "i wrote a post titled '10 reasons i love blogs' about why i love blogs so much, its on my blog."
ben: "i hate blogs."

true story:
each week another one of my friends tells me a story of how they have been peed on {by someone else}. this is very funny for me - may be less funny for my urine covered friends.

song example:
shakira's new song 'she-wolf.' very funny {the song not the video, please don't google the video}.

comedy example:
demetri martin - he makes me laugh {alot}. the link goes to a list of some of his jokes. prepare to giggle.

things that others may think are funny but i DO NOT:

my life:
i think this week i will dye my hair. yes i will use box dye because it is 1/5 of the price of getting it done in a salon. please don't mention the terrible ways i'm destroying my hair. if you had orange hair & were on a budget you would too. yes the lord has blessed me in many ways but good hair is not one of them. like many, the summer-time sun brings out some profound highlights out in my hair. i like highlights because they add dimension & they remind me of summer BUT unfortunately for me these natural highlights of mine are nothing to brag about. they are orange. in certain light they aren't THAT noticeable but in others...OH GEESH! this past weekend i had a messy bun on top of my head {literally} & the bright orange ends were laying right on top of my dark brown roots. ew halloween hair {insert shrill screaching}. never fear! this tragedy will soon be mended.

song example:
mariah carey's new song "obsessed". being obsessed with yourself is never funny. it's sad. sorry mariah...what ever happened to 'dreamlover'? those were the days.

comedy example:
bodily functions as humor. even as a child i thought they were childish. i know many {boys} would disagree but i stand firm - not funny.
i'll end with my friend cory's favorite joke:
why are there no phone books in china?
because there's so many wangs & wongs they are afraid you'll wang the wong number.
{don't be offended}
{hope you laugh today at things YOU think are funny}
quote in the title: from jack handey, "Deep Thoughts," on saturday night live.


  1. i just giggled a lot. that was a good post :)

  2. hahaha!! yay! i do love that joke and i'm laughing out loud right now!!

  3. jenna's laughing because she's one of the people who got peed on.



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