Tuesday, May 29, 2012

showers for a princess

we have already been so blessed to experience two showers for our sweet little babe.  the first was a surprise shower hosted by the ladies at my work.  they told me we were all going out lunch together to mini-celebrate another co-worker who has recent baby news of her own.  when we left to go get in the car they were all in the lobby.  it was darling!  they brought all kinds of yummy food, pot-luck style and i stuffed my face.  they even had all of my favorite things to drink & dot-cake cupcakes.  i was in heaven.  emmie liked it too.

i didn't have the slightest clue it was coming so was pretty much floored.  they gave itty bitty all kinds of essentials and some non-essentials that were too cute to pass up.  like some teeny flip flops that are about an inch long.  oh my!  i'm so blessed to work with so many sweet, thoughtful women.  i'm going to miss them once i'm home with the babe.  i won't miss working so much, but i do think i'll really miss the people.

since i didn't know it was coming i didn't bring a camera and don't have one single picture of the day.  if i ever get my hands on some i'll come back and add.

our second shower was last tuesday.  it was thrown by the women on my mom's side.  it was intimate and small and perfect.  they are so generous and kind to give of their time, drive from all over and on top of that shower us with all kinds of baby things.  i did manage to snag a few pictures at this one!
i, again stuffed my face with all of my favorite goodies, so sweetly prepared by my family [notice a pattern] and just enjoyed their company.  they've got really good stories.  i love that little lady will grow up with so many loving people surrounding her.
i know that our family and community is unique.  not everyone has such an amazing support system around them.  people to celebrate with, people to ask how you're doing, people to shower you with over-the-top presents because they know you and your baby will love them, people that tell you that you "you're all belly" when you really have cankles.  i'm so thankful for all that we've been given and for the people that i believe God has strategically placed around us.  what a gift.

Monday, May 28, 2012

a name

we finally did it! we decided on a name for our little princess-to-be.  it took us months and months to talk through all kinds of options.  it was fun, it was frustrating, it was exciting.  we just wanted it to fit her.  to fit us.  a name that would grow with her and she grows, a name that is sweet [like we're hoping this little one will be].  one that is unique but not so unique that people will be confused when she introduces herself.  not too trendy, not too popular.  we eventually found something that we hope will fit her just right...
we probably had about 40 names that we went back and forth about.  i may have made a google doc for us to keep track of our ideas [i'm a complete nerd].  some were knocked out because one of us liked them and the other did not.  others because we know someone close who is using that name.  if i thought about any name for long enough i could eventually find a flaw, you know like "if you say it fast is sounds like alien," "it rhymes with ferret," etc.

i prayed that the Lord would do that thing where he shows up and says "you'll have a daughter and her name will be _____.  she will go on to do _____."  i'd take that and call it a day.  sadly, that never happened.

we both really loved the idea of calling this little lady em and emmie but we wanted her to have a name that she could use as an adult and we were worried that emmie would be to youthful for when she's all grown up.  we tried to think of lots of 'grown-up' names you could use for em / emmie.  we discussed emerson and emory the most but neither of us could get completely on board.  weeks later we said, what the hey.  emmie can be an adult.  and that was that.

almost everyone asks "...and what is collins?" when we tell them her name.  its just a name we love.  it's not a family name.  its not 'from somewhere' we just think it's perfect.
little emmie collins,

we cannot wait for you to be here.  we have loved calling you your name since the decision was made. it fits.  and hopefully, once you're here, you'll agree.  you're a little person, now with a little name and we hope that someday you will grow up to be a compassionate, generous, light for the Lord.  we can't wait to snuggle and love you out here.  you are already such a blessed addition to our family.  we're so thankful for you.

mom & pop

31 weeks

what's cooking? [new baby things]: babe weighs somewhere between 3 and 3.5 pounds and about 16-18 inches long which is almost how long she'll be when she's born.  oh. my. goodness.  babe's brain is processing lots of information from all 5 senses now.  she should [and does] also have more defined sleeping patterns.

gender: teeny tiny little girl!

movement: still moving continually but now with really big, sweeping movements.  she still does her tae bo in the mornings so i get some quick jabs but for the most part i get big waves and sweeps.

momma developments: seems like my face is gradually getting fatter.  sometimes i think i look normal and other times i don't, so maybe it's just swollen OR maybe just gaining weight there.  time will tell :)

i literally have to pee as soon as i stand up, every time i stand up - yikes.  i peed 7 times before noon the other day.  not ok. who's got that kind of time?

i had a few weeks off from the leg cramps but they're baaaack. i think it might really be the water. last night i had a few terrible ones and right before i had climbed into bed i said - "today i barely had any water." it's like the kiss of death.

total weight gain: 27-28 pounds

maternity clothes: i'm loving maternity clothes and dresses of any kind.

cravings: nothing much.  just jimmy johns.  i almost convinced ben to let me have it this week :)  slim 4 w/ provolone i need you.

anything hard?
i've been a tornado of destruction this week. i don't know what's going on but i'm breaking everything.  it's really sad.  i crushed a whole sprite in our ice maker and had it explode all over the inside and outside of the fridge. i broke a mirror in ben's car.  i dropped more things than i can count and basically body-slammed my straightener on the floor [on accident].

never forget:
this was another busy but awesome week around our home.  anytime i'm hit once again by the 'you're-about-to-be-responsible-for-a-little-life-train' i feel kind of crazy.  it's something i can't really wrap my head around.  when i remember that all these little [and big] pokes and prods in my belly mean that there's a little human in there i'm basically stunned all over again.  completely ecstatic and utterly overwhelmed all in one.  this is definitely one of those huge life transitions that brings change forever - but change that is perfect.

on monday, we had a send-off for randi & clinton that you just saw get hitched.  they are moving across the country so it was only fitting that we send them on their grand-adventure surrounded by lots of dear friends.  the babe kicked everyone and it was a blessing to get to be there for that.

on tuesday we had such a lovely shower with some ladies in the family on my mom's side.  my cousin [who is much like an aunt] hosted it and my momma, grandma and other cousin's brought the yummiest food.  they showered me and the babe with all kinds of love and very generous presents.  i'll post about that soon!  babe, you gotta know how blessed you are to have such wonderful family.  they love you already so i know they'll take such good care of you when you're here!

ben & i went to a labor class, which was basically a pain management class. i was glad that we went and learned breathing techniques and positions that may ease discomfort a teeny tiny bit before i get some drugs but i also wanted a bit more info on what would happen while i'm delivering. i think i maybe want more preparation than anyone can give me.

after reading through heinous literature from that class we met up with some of our best friends in the world to see 'what to expect when you're expecting.'  ang, and i giggled basically the entire time.  we all really loved it i think.  i may have been a little too baby-emotional to watch a baby movie.  this decision was made after i nearly cried 5 separate times and had to think about funny unicorn jokes from earlier in the movie. i'm real thankful for dear friends and for the chance to spend time with them.  we are so blessed to have friends who have had kids before us to encourage us, share ideas with us, teach us & challenge us.

itty bitty, you got to go shopping with your grandma [karen] this week.  we looked at baby chairs for you.  they are harder to find than you might think.  me and your poppa made our final selection so 12 should have a soft comfy place to rock you once you arrive.

you went to lhs graduation + graduation parties, and took a mini-trip up to nky to visit your family [there was definitely a house-full].

and last, your future bff, silas, knows you're in my belly and calls you by name.  it has to be just about the sweetest thing ever.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

30 weeks

what's cooking? [new baby things]: babe is about 3 pounds & around 16 inches long right now.  her head & brain are getting bigger & her bones are getting stronger!  her eye-sight is improving daily but she'll still have some growing to go in that department after she's born.

gender: teeny tiny little girl! 

movement: this week she is going in phases.  she was really busy in the beginning of the week and now she has slowed down a little.  i don't know if she's just catching up for the weekend and on monday will be all spaazy again or if this is the beginning of her chilling out a little [they say that should be happening this coming week] - that she should start to have more defined, longer periods of rest and sleep.

momma developments: i'm doing great!  not much is new this week.  i feel like i'm growing, almost daily and i'm pretty tired but other than that - all is well.

total weight gain: 25-27 pounds

maternity clothes: i'm loving maternity clothes and dresses of any kind. 

cravings: i wanted a grilled chicken sandwich pretty badly but i don't know if it was a 'craving' or not.  i got one - it worked :)

anything hard?
my eye twitched for 3 days straight any time i was at work.  i don't think it was a pregnancy thing, maybe my eyes were dry or i'm stressed.  who knows.

now that we've picked a name we just need to decide how to spell it and if she'll have a double name or a first & middle - like normal.

never forget:
9 weeks left until you arrive!  oh wow! 64 days to go.  what?

we had a free weekend.  it never happens - ever.  i absolutely loved it.  benny and i got to spend all kinds of time together.  i really should have been more productive with my time [perhaps] but we literally never just get to 'be'.  it was so lovely.

i got to be outside in the sunshine with my hubs saturday.  i may have worn a bikini with my big pregnant belly all sunscreened up.  what are back decks for?

babe, you and i ventured all over town this week.  we worked a bunch, had an ice cream date with a bunch of our high school friends, biblestudies that you loved, dates with poppa, bonfires & a bridal shower for miss shannon k.

you also had a surprise shower of your own at momma's work.  i'm going to post on it soon but it really was so so sweet. and i had no idea it was coming.  i am so thankful to work with so many sweet & thoughtful women.

i think i made some decisions on your room and now i just need to make purchases.  i said i was going to be all done with this by this week [and the week before...and the week before] but i really really wanted to be.  i think it is coming into focus a little more clearly though & i'm excited for that.

we had a doctor's appointment on friday.  nothing too crazy happened.  i got to hear your heartbeat, it was 134 to 140.  they say that you and i are both healthy as can be.  i couldn't be more thankful!

your poppa and went to a 'little fingers, little toes' class at the hospital.  they told us just general information about what to expect once you come and then little basic things to care for you like changing diapers, swaddling and giving you a tiny baby bath.  i hope you like bath time, i think that one sounded really fun. seeing pictures of little newborns and hearing all about real life with them made us feel all the more excited for your arrival. ooohhh, it won't be long before you're here.

Friday, May 18, 2012

a full heart

my heart and my head have been very full lately.  i feel unbelievably thankful for the place that we're in right now.  we have been so busy.  i know everyone feels that way - but it has really felt like my mind has not stopped going a million miles a minute in a very long time.  i can't finish one task without thinking up twenty more that need immediate attention.  but under my piles of to-do lists i am so happy, so grateful, so content.

working on the house has been hard sometimes.  ben and i don't always get along when we do projects - maybe you can relate.  stressful situations tend to bring out a controlling, overwhelmed and/or selfish side of me.  i know i sound like a gem right?  it's sad but true. because i'm weak and sometimes terrible to be around i've gotten to see a lot of grace from my sweet husband.  that has been such a blessing.  so much of this stage has been awesome.  a huge gift to be able to work together - like a little team.  we've always been a 'team' but i think preparing our lives and home for this little bean has given me a glimpse of what our little family really could be.  i think God has been using these little things to knit us together.  i can only imagine what life will be like with a little princess in the mix.  i'm sure we'll see even uglier sides of ourselves at times but i hope we can use those as opportunities to cover one another in grace.  i pray that we'll be bonded together even tighter as our family grows and time passes.

i've been able to witness an awesome servant's heart in benny.  he's loved me really well even when i'm tired and achey and grumpy.  he's buckled sandals around my fat ankles, helped me take off toe-nail polish and primed more spindley furniture than one man could ever want to prime - just to name a few.  i am really thankful for him, and his heart to help me nest and grow this little baby.  seeing his sweet husband & poppa-to-be character spurs me on all the more to be a loving wife and momma in our home. 

i feel like we've entered into a really sweet spot in our marriage.  maybe its the calm before 'the storm' but i'm so thankful for it.  even if it is just a few blissful months before the poo hits the fan [literally], i'll take it.  i feel like i get to laugh a lot with him.  not that we don't normally have fun together, but i feel like i've been having extra fun, extra deep laughs, feel extra 'in love'.  which is kind of funny because i truly feel like you choose to love your spouse daily - its not just feelings, but i do feel a lot of love right now.  its not the most 'romantic' portion of our marriage necessarily but it is awfully sweet. that's how i feel anyway - i'm not sure if he'd say the same.

i truly cherish this time that we have of preparation, growing and learning together before our little family expands.  these are our last few months as a two-some and i don't want to wish that away.  i want to enjoy every moment with this amazing husband i've been blessed with, soaking it in.  i'm excited for the ways that our lives are going to change - maybe crazy excited - but this little sweet spot of life right now, i'm so grateful.

this picture is 3 or 4 years old but this basically sums up how i feel right now. lovin' it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

randi & clinton tie the knot

i love weddings.  mainly because i love marriage.  i love that God so graciously appointed us to have a partner, a helper and that we'd be able to see Jesus more clearly and look more like him ourselves through the refining tool of marriage.  getting to be present for randi and clinton's wedding ceremony was such a blessing to ben and i.  we love both of these friends dearly. 

randi and i have been in biblestudy together for years and years now and i'm always blown away [and oh so thankful] for her sincerity and for the deep way that her mind works.  i am always spurred on to be more real and go deeper when i hear about her walk with Christ.  that is a pretty amazing quality to have.  clinton and i lead  together on a younglife team many moons ago at a private school in town, sayre.  it was a hard place to be in a lot of ways but i wouldn't trade one minute of it.  we were able to learn so much about how the Lord operates, that people's hearts are His mighty work and that we are just blessed to be a part of it.  i learned so much from my team during those years.  clinton is so steady and faithful - not easily shaken.  their marriage is going to be such a voice that speaks to God's goodness and grace.

sorry my pictures are kind of terrible.  i was super zooming to get these.

instead of a unity candle or a salt covenant, they literally 'tied the knot'.  they are both outdoorsy and awesome.  the groom is a forest ranger [you know like with bears and things in colorado] so when i saw that climbing rope i about died.  they tied a knot that only gets tighter and stronger under pressure.  just like your marriage should.  i loved that.
our precious little silas was just the most adorable ring bearer you ever did see.  he miiight have had a mini-meltdown when there was carrying mishap but i think that just made him even cuter.  and that is his pretty momma, [one of our best friends] ang.  she was helping to run the show and i must say, did an amazing job.  every little detail was perfect.
i snapped a few shots of little details at the reception.  they aren't very good / artsy photos i must say but i think you can tell how gorgeous it really was in person, use some imagination. here were a few of my favorite things.
loved the flowers & lemons as our centerpieces.  i wanted to take these flowers home but a granny beat me to it.  [just kidding - kind of].  there were little notecards on the table for us to write to randi and clinton since they are going to be living across the country.  note of encouragement, or love, or jokes - to make them feel close to everyone.
the burlap, twine and wood accents felt very 'outdoors' like the couple and also very angie, which not surprisingly is kind of right up my alley as well.  i was just soaking it all in.  it was beautiful!
this was one of my all-time favorite thing from any wedding. i wish that i had one of these for benny & i hanging in the house.  i think it is so endearing.
me, benny and the bump all thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
i got just a few pics of friends...
and one of a happy salad. bahahaha
i didn't capture one second of 'the hoe-down' on film but let me tell you, i was loving. it.  every minute of it.  wagon wheel came on and two of our friends 'interrupted' the dance party as country bumpkins ready to show us a good time.  if you're not a young life person you have no idea what i'm talking about right now.  we square danced and did the virginia reel as our friends played and called it from the front, barefoot with rolled jeans.  i mean, i'm pretty sure our friends should do this like once a month.  i don't know what the bride and groom's families were thinking but our friends say - two big country thumbs up.

love you mr. and mrs. owens.  we are so excited for you both to start your lives together!

Monday, May 14, 2012

randi's a bachelorette - but not for long

our dear friend has since made the plunge into holy matrimony but before all that we had one last ladies fling.  it was a great night spent with friends laughing and celebrating our tiny randi.

look at that bride-to-be...
we went to a place called 'painting with a twist' and i loved it.  i felt like i couldn't do what the instructor said at all but it was relaxing and fun nonetheless.  each girls' painting was slightly different but all were pretty similar.  i think that is pretty neat.  randi got to choose what we painted and it was a van gogh tree [i have no idea of the name].  i would definitely love to go back. i hope randi loved it too.  we sipped lemonade and painted our little hearts out.

mine still doesn't have a place in the house yet but i think i will find it a little home :)

from painting we went out to dinner which was full of perfect conversation and toe-touches done by moms.  i don't have pics of the remainder of the evening because my camera died but if i get my hands on some i'll be back.  after that we headed back to the girls' house for an awfully sweet 'bachelorette-y' party.  i can't elaborate - i'm sorry.

sweet randi, we had so much fun celebrating your marriage-to-be [which actually already exists - ahhhh].  thank you so much for letting me be a part of such an exciting time.

ben graduates!

it's only fitting that i post my all-time favorite school picture of benny for this occasion.  my sweet husband has graduated and is all prepared to be a teacher.  i am so proud of him and how hard he's worked to get here.  he is going to be so great with his students - all the lil fifth graders - getting them ready to embark on middle school.  i pray that we'd be so thankful for his opportunity to work and never lose sight about how his care for those students could impact their lives for the long haul.  i pray that God would use him in mighty ways and that he'd be a blessing and a picture of Jesus to lots and lots of families & co-workers that he'll encounter.

one week ago benny put on his cap and gown.  what a handsome stud.  i lugged my camera all the way through rupp arena only to find that i left my battery plugged into the wall at home.  wouldn't you know.  so now i get to rely on crazy internet photos.  as you can tell - this isn't mine.  

i'm so proud of you!
 i also stole some pics from my momma.  husband on the jumbo screen getting his fake diploma.  [i hear they'll put it in the mail for us.]

i few interesting little things happened while we were there.  ben got to graduate with darius miller and vargas so that was pretty exciting.  look who came to watch them [and ben of course] graduate.  good ol' anthony davis.  he's looking right at mom's camera.  awkward?  noooooo.
our families came to town to celebrate the big day.  i got to the arena before them so i saved a few seats, like many of the other 15,000 people there.  a man came up to me and really tried to pick a fight with me about saving seats.  it was just like seinfeld, the movie episode [i'm elaine].  it was completely comical because there were literally sets of open seating all over the place and for some reason he felt it necessarily to find a pregnant woman on her husband's graduation day to come pester.  luckily my mother-in-law came in right when it might have escalated to get the guy to back off. people are crazy.

afterward we came back to the house - all of our families and some of our friends.  our little home was filled with all kinds of people we love - and little babies.  all the littles were playing so sweetly together.  our kitchen is definitely not made to hold a big crowd.  that we learned.  but that is ok & it didn't ruin a completely special day.  it was gorgeous outside so we were able to use our deck as another room.  we enjoyed being with everyone so much and are so blessed to be surrounded by so many fantastic people.
 to our families and dear friends: 
we love you so.  our lives are so full because of you.  thank you for all the ways you care for and support us.
to my little benny boo:
i'm so proud of you & all your diligent work.  i'm so thankful to have you as my husband & best friend.  never tire of doing good - always give yourself fully to the work of the Lord, because you know it will not be in vain.  thank you for pushing yourself because you feel called to and for desiring to provide for our little family.  i'm going to decorate your classroom with all kinds of crafty crap.  i love you.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

29 weeks

what's cooking? [new baby things]: babe is 2.5-3 pounds & around 15 inches long right now.  her head & brain are getting bigger & her bones are getting stronger!

gender: teeny tiny little girl!  little princess as she's also known.

movement: this week all the sites say that itty bitty should be moving more than ever and she is certainly living up to that.  she's never been so active.  all day long, all night long she is getting around.  she gets bigger and bigger and it is not going unnoticed.  her most active is still when i'm lying down and i'm still loving how often her poppa gets to feel her move around.

momma developments: i'm doing great!  my body is a little achy and tired but i'm feeling well.  the only 'new' development is that either my chest is moving south or my bump is moving north - or perhaps some sort of peace treaty has been signed and they've decided to meet somewhere in the middle.

total weight gain: 23-25 pounds still.

maternity clothes: i'm loving maternity clothes and dresses of any kind. 

cravings: nothing new!

anything hard?
this was a great week.  i can't think of any real struggles this week just sweet & blessed.  we still have a lot to do but i'm feeling a little better about getting it done.

never forget:
little baby girl-  we are so excited for you.  today is mother's day, which i'll post on soon but just the idea that we're going to be parents, that we'll be responsible for you, for caring for you and loving you well - we just can't wait.  everyday your dad tells you about how he'd like to hold you. how sweet that day will be!

we may have picked a name for you.  ahhhhhh - for reals?  i hope to be back this week with a post about just that.

this week you had a 'work day' with yl girls, lunch and dinner dates, brunch with your fam for mother's day, a date with your poppa & a super fun wedding celebration with all your 'aunts and uncles' for the owens.  you were one busy little princess.  at the wedding all our friends were so excited about you.  you're really 'showing' now so people know you're in there.  you danced the night away.

one week away from single digits.  let the countdown begin.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

28 weeks

what's cooking? [new baby things]: babe's eyes can open and close now, she can blink and maybe wink!  her eyes also have color now but that color can still change for the next year or so. she is about 15 inches long, about the length of a churro, and weighs 2 to 3 pounds.

gender: teeny tiny little girl!  little princess as she's also known.

movement: seriously.  this babe moves all. the. time.  she is so active.  i'm kind of concerned that i'm going to have to chase her all over town immediately after she arrives because it seems like she really loves to be on the go.

momma developments: it happened.  i had cankles.  now i thought i knew what 'cankles' looked like and i was even kind of prepared for these mythical swollen ankles.  no.  this was so much worse.  i had no ankle bones.  even with very determined prodding i couldn't find them.  just a giant swollen mess of a never ending calf.  i propped my feet up and it did look better when i woke up in the morning but i'm still not 'normal'.  my new strappy sandals [buckling around the ankle] are going to have a short life this season i'm sad to say.  i got one wear out of them [with ben buckling me in because i can't bend over - could this get worse?] - and now i think they may be hung up until august or so.  in other news my linea negra is getting a little darker.  i've had more and more leg cramps buuut some good news that they are lasting for a shorter amount of time now. also, i've been better about drinking more water.  i'm patting myself on the back as i type.

total weight gain: i forgot to check on sunday but from my doctor's appointment i'd say i'm somewhere between 23-25 pounds so far...and feeling it.

maternity clothes: bottoms 100% of the time.  tops most of the time and my dresses about 20% are maternity.  you can just get away with more in a dress.  i have some super generous friends who let me borrow their prego clothes recently as well as my momma showering me with some maternity deals so i'm feeling pretty well stocked.  i love that i have a few more choices now and that they make me feel put together when i don't feel much like my normal self!

cravings: nothing new - jimmy johns & dr. pepper.  all things evil.

anything hard?
i still haven't picked out fabric for the nursery and no name for little one. these two decisions are looming over me like the eyeore cloud.  i mean i am completely psyched about both things, it's just the actual decision making process that is making me crazy.

i'm thinking it was this past week that i had to take the gestational diabetes test.  you know, drink the syrup.  at first i thought, this isn't so bad.  why do people make such a fuss.  by the end of my diabetes cocktail i was almost gagging.  one hour later - it was syrup revisited as it decided to exit my body.  i felt much better after a few minutes of hugging the toilet bowl and praaaaise - i do not have g.d.!  treat!

ben and i had a lot on our plates for the last week, so things felt a little tense at times.  i think i was on edge and felt pressure so i wasn't being the easiest person to live with or love.  i'm sad about that.  not that i'm always sweet in regular life [believe me i'm not] but i do still feel a little out of control when it comes to my reactions & emotions.  i'm just a crazy pregnant lady.

never forget:
yet again little one you had a big ol' weekend full of parties.  you had lunch dates with friends, kickball games, randi's bachelorette party, leadership, cinco de mayo eve dinner with friends, and don't forget - you got to see your poppa graduate & then celebrate with all kinds of family & friends!  that was a definite highlight for you. [more on that soon]

you also got to participate in some super fun housework.  ok ok maybe the work wasn't that fun but the final product is certainly worth it.  i'm so glad we'll have an organized, sweet little place for you to come home to.  you should thank your pop for being so diligent and following through with all the things we have planned.  i'm so thankful to have his help & to have him as a partner.  i can only imagine what kind of home i'd be making if i had to do it on my own - it would be more than a disaster.

this week your poppa sang to you a bunch.  i think that you loved it.

you've always been pretty active whenever your dad is around.  mainly because he jiggles my belly and pokes you - to which you respond with kicks and fist pumps.  but this past week, even if he just lightly places his hand on my belly you kick him right away.  i think you know it's him.  you could be completely still for two hours, he says hello and you're all perked up.  maybe you're going to be a daddy's girl?

we had a doctor's appointment this week [apart from the diabetes test].  they told me everything was measuring right on track and they didn't even reprimand me for reaching my end of pregnancy weight 3 months early.  we got to hear little bean's heartbeat for about 10 seconds.  i think the tech said it was 130 which is much slower than it was a few months ago.  they said as you grows it slows down a bit.  we talked about labor and delivery with our midwife which was both exciting and terrifying wrapped into one.  when we walked into the hospital it hit me, one day i'm going to walk in here and come out with a baby.  we're going to walk in and be able to look at each other and know that it's 'go time', have-a-baby-time, get prepared because this is the biggest life change ever-time.  exciting. and terrifying.  i'm praying that i'll be braver and stronger than i think i am when that rolls around.  we've scheduled baby classes for the next few weeks.  i think as i learn more and feel more prepared [if that is even the slightest bit possible] then i may be a bit more at ease - mentally at least - for what is to come.

we have narrowed down our names to three. and i love them all.  i think we will have a decision oh so very soon.  and i cannot wait. i wish you would just tell us what your favorite name is now and we'd pick that.  too bad womb-communication isn't really working out for us yet. and at this point you'd probably pick out something silly like princess consuela banana hammock.

this week aunt ang took you and i to register for more baby things.  it was so helpful to have a mom walk through with us and show us what [in her experience] has been really valuable and what isn't so much a necessity.  thanks friend for taking time out to do that with us!  i appreciate it so much.  i think if i do one more quick scan online at our two stores i should be all set in our 'wish lists' for all things baby.  we are so thankful for all the ways people have already showered us with such generosity in getting us ready for itty bitty to arrive.

um hello third trimester.  holy crap.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

R.I.P. M.A.C. + life

our computer has officially died.  ben took the old brute to the computer doctor [aka the mac genius bar] and they delivered the news - it wasn't good.  we've been looking at replacements but those puppies ain't cheap so we're weighing our options and disagreeing about what our little family needs.  hopefully in the near future we will come to a consensus, bite the bullet & bring home a new and improved computer to share.

until then i'm not sure how blogging will commence. if you're wondering, i am not from my desk...at work.

just wanted to stop in to say, all is well here in the brzinski home.  we've been working our tails off at the house and things are really shaping up.  i wish i took one million 'before' pictures so you'd truly know how drastic it feels to us.  if you're my real-life friend, i'm sure you know what i'm talking about [insert memory of our office / craftroom floor filled to your knees with junk & yarn]. we are enjoying the clean, organized parts of our home so much.  there is juuuuust a bit of a mess still lingering.  but we have a motivator [other than the reward of an organized home]...

ben is graduating this sunday. i absolutely cannot believe that we are already here.  time has gone so quickly. i know the classes and semesters may have felt long for him at times but the years flew by.  i am so proud of him.  he is going to be such a great teacher - but more on that later.  our families are coming over after the graduation ceremony and we would really love for our place to be in order.  don't worry, we're not trying to fool anyone.  they've actually all seen our house in disaster-mode.  its just a kick-in-the-rear to think - 'by saturday, we want to have ____ projects complete & under our belt.'

hope all is well in your abode and family as well!

a few other notes:
my friend ang is giving away a free printable this morning to celebrate the opening of her etsy shop later this week and you probably want IT.

i may have mentioned this already but my dear friend cory also recently opened up shop via the web and i want to buy one million infinity scarves.  its a problem.  check eclectic joy here.

i will likely write more about this later because this is big and my heart is heavy.  one of the sweetest [and most hilarious] couples i've ever known just found out that the hubby has leukemia.  they are my age and on yl staff in north carolina.  i know that this is rocking their world but they are so steadfastly planted in the Lord that i am positive they will see and reflect Jesus like never before in this trial.  please be praying for my friends alex & jay - for health, healing, dependance on the Lord, peace that passes understanding & opportunities for God to be glorified.  if you'd like to read more go to their page here. [you do have to create a password, it takes about 10 seconds to fill out].  i'm so thankful for the body of Christ that has already rallied around them & for the amazing power of prayer.