Friday, September 11, 2009

happy friday!

just wanted to send my well wishes for the weekend. i will be spending a relaxing & fun weekend with the girls to celebrate miss kari's bachelorette-ness before she gets married in less than a month! it will undoubtedly be full of laughter & wonderful memories. i'm not sure how much she knows of the plans so i'm not going to share the details just yet.

my world just keeps getting crazier & crazier {here's a little taste}:

-chaos is ensuing at work--> lots of potential changes {i don't like change}

-i'm so busy @ life i feel like my head is spinning. it seems like it is getting to the point where every minute of my day has to be scheduled out to meet every deadline, be at every event, see each person & on & on. my bestie told me today, "you just need to cut something out." i feel like i have nothing to cut? the vast majority of the things i do, i feel called to do & really love. how do you figure out how to do it all & not lose your mind? i really need some {scheduled} unscheduled time to be quiet & still.

-we start YL club on monday. we invite all our lhs friends, have an awesome time with skits, games, music, build relationships & most importantly give a proclamation of the gospel. its the first of the semester so we are hoping that they come flocking & that the lord has prepared them to hear the good news. YAY!

-the house is still in complete & total disarray. it was my plan to "labor" all day on labor day, so i lounged around ALL WEEKEND LONG enjoying anniversary weekend w/ benny. when monday rolled around i woke up with a migraine, couldn't breathe & thought i was going to ralph. needlesstosay, boxes are still abundant in the brzinski house & all drawers are empty. not ideal.
-my immediate to-do list has 15 bullets.

-i get to help throw a baby shower next weekend in honor of one of my closest friends and her {unborn} babe! woo hoo.

now that i've filled you with my anxiety {& joy} i hope that you have a fabulous & balanced weekend!

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  1. I love throwing baby showers! they are so much fun!


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