Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 reasons i love blogs

this evening i wanted to share a few things.

first, and completely unrelated to this post, i wanted to share this sweet pic of a robin's egg nest. precious.

secondly, if you were looking at my previous posts thinking, "aww, jen & ben are so sweet to each other." i just want you to know that my {24 year old husband} just FORCED me to smell his really stinky arm pit. forced. {i know you just gagged}

and is my list of blissful reasons i adore blogs. here they are:

1. CRAFTS! I LOVE CRAFTS! i love to see the creative things that people have cooked up. i love to be crafty, see crafts, get crafts, etc.

2. encouragement. i am continually encouraged by the blogs i follow to seek the lord more fully. seeing the ways that god is at work in the lives of others always spurs me on & challenges me.

3. DIY's. this may be an extension of #1 but i think it is different. i love "do it yourself" projects. those are the type that get me most excited. i admire people that pick out pretty things & have an eye for hidden beauty BUT what i want to emulate is the thrifty-handy-do-it-yourself-er. those are the people that really impress me. i love to see decorated homes filled with details that people have envisioned & then executed all on their own.

4. stalking. it is an accepted form of stalking. i don't like to think of myself as a creeper but when you & your friends discuss events that are happening in the lives of strangers as though you know them, you may have crossed a "creepy" line. i hope i haven't scared anyone with #4.

5. other people's kids. many of the blogs i read are written by people with babies or kids. i love both & have neither so i love to hear/see the funny antics that come from being surrounded by little ones! i especially like cute kids! {sorry if you're kids aren't cute}. maybe i shouldn't have put numbers 4 & 5 next to each other, that might sound even creepier.

6. KEEPING IN TOUCH. this is huge one. i love that i am able to keep up with friends near and far. i get to SEE and read all about what is going on in their lives. what a blessing. the older i get the busier and busier everyone becomes so i get to learn things about even my closest of friends via blog. i also like that i get to share too :)

7. humor. i laugh out loud, sometimes even belly laughs reading with tears streaming at really humorous blogs.

8. i get to learn new things. all kinds of things! things i didn't even know i wanted or needed to know but have stumbled upon anyway. the phrase "you learn something new everyday" rings true in blogland.

9. i'm always surprised. there's no previews for what is coming up on the next blog. i love being surprised but what each of my blogs will post next. they always keep me on my toes; i really enjoy that.

10. comments. i really like that people can interact on blogs too. i like that there is a connection there, you can ask questions, leave suggestions, follow up with people. my friends & i joke about comments, we just love to know that someone read, laughed, appreciate what you wrote. i love to leave comments & i love to receive them {hint hint}.

11. {i know i said 10 but its my blog...} is inspiration! i love blogs because i am inspired by them --> for all the above reasons. i'm inspired spiritually, relationally & creatively. i think this may be the main reason {i'm too indecisive to say for certain}.

sometimes i wonder if my love for blogs will be a phase, a fleeting fancy. is it my new a.i.m. from high school? is it my new facebook-esque fix? i haven't sent an instant message in half a decade & i now spend less than 5 minutes a week on facebook. will my love ever cease for blogs? i can't even imagine it.

please keep posting, you know i'll read it

image provided by flickr & linked to owner


  1. i am right there with you! i think it is perfectly acceptable to stalk others on blogs and act like you know them. you know, say things like "did you see what darby posted today? her kids are the most precious little kids ever" don't know you do it :)

    so the other night i was talking to rach and she made a good point. we all love comments and the three of us always comment on each others. she said "we were each others biggest fans". so true right?

    i have the two best fans a girl could ask for :)

  2. I like blogs too! I check them several times throughout the day to see if they've been updated - I think I have a problem. When I was thinking about starting mine I did have the same thoguhts as you about whether or not I would lose interest after a while. I guess only time will tell =)

    I like your blog a lot though - I like that you update it so frequently. I need to get better at that!

  3. I really like your list! Encouragement and meeting new people is one of the biggest reasons I do it too! I love being able to relate to people through my experiences and vice-versa!!! Get post! ;)

  4. I love comments as well...each time I see a new one I feel excitement hasn't died down yet. Also, I am thankful for two wonderful fans :)

  5. ohhhhh and how could i forget...rondell...she has been a blessing in my life


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