Sunday, September 13, 2009


i'll try and collect all my scattered thoughts in to one somewhat cohesive {totally random} late night post. this was a fantastic weekend. some girlfriends & i had the opportunity to celebrate our good pal kari's up-coming nuptials with a super fun bachelorette party getaway.

this is kari {not at the party...i just couldn't pass up the pic}
we drove a few hours southwest to barren county, kentucky {i think} to spend saturday day out on pontoon boats & floating on rafts. it was the absolutely perfect weather for this adventure. it was warm and sunny & the scenery was beautiful. {i forgot my camera & have no pictures, i'm so sorry}.

after a day of soaking up sun {something that i rarely get to do} we all went back to the gorgeous log "mansion" that kari's family so graciously let us use to get ready for dinner. i think it is worth mentioning that 16 girls showered & got ready for dinner in an hour & a half. i know what you're thinking... "wow!" and wow is right! after dinner we did girly presents, desserts & hanging out. this morning we woke up, shared a delicious pancake breakfast and came on back home. it was really a fantastic & SO FUN weekend with the girls.

i hope that kari had a fabulous time too {it was FOR her after all}. we are all so excited for her. i know that she will be an amazing wife & that her & stephen's marriage will surely glorify the lord. sadly, she will be moving to chicago soon to be with her boo {that's where he lives} so we've forced her to create a blog so that we can stay up-to-date on all that goes on in their lives. this is the beginning {kari's blog}.

speaking of chicago {i told you i was going to try & tie things together} benny & i are watching the bears game right now on delayed time. we had campaigners {bible study with high schoolers} and ben is refusing to miss a second of their first game. he's from chicago originally and loves, maybe i mean LOVES the bears. he hasn't sat down since the game started. he is currently standing about a foot & a half away from the screen screaming at jay cutler as he threw two almost interceptions & a real pick in the first drive. not off to a good start. please pray that the bears will win so our house will be at peace. if you have a husband i'm sure you know exactly what i'm talking about. please tell me i'm not alone?

i don't have a tie for this one BUT my october issue of real simple came today. i'm so excited to read it! this isn't the cover for this month but not even their website would share it with me. boo.

i like real simple because it has practical advice about a little bit of everything including: decorating, crafts, recipes, fashion, finances, organization, relationships & more. its the only magazine i get {because it was a gift from my good friend rach} and i am thrilled every time it arrives. the only other magazine i've loved like this was domino. it was super inexpensive & had great decorating ideas. they don't make it anymore i don't believe. what a tragedy. martha stewart is always great as well {as i'm sure you all know} i just wish is was cheaper. {surprise surprise coming from miss thrift}.

random blogger strikes again.

a few weeks ago we went to the wedding of two friends, ryan & carly. it was absolutely beautiful. i didn't forget my camera that night...YES! so i wanted to share some of my favorite details with you all.

their reception was at a really unique place on UK's campus. its like this little hidden gem. the hilary j. boone center was very grand & beautiful with it's 20' rich wooden doors, the bookcase lined library attached to the bar & golden chandeliers.

this was on one of the gates leading inside. i loved the "B." you know my love for letters. this was the same "B" that we used on our wedding invitations so i really really liked it. their last name also starts with a "B" so i surely can't claim it as my own, i just thought is was sweet.
this was an added detail on the other side of their gate. i loved the look of the apples & daisies. so cute. AND i love a grapevine wreath in all circumstances.
another plus to this wedding was that many of our out-of-town friends had come in to celebrate as well. like little miss shannon. it was fantastic to catch up with everyone {even if just for an evening}!
the in-town friends are always fun too!
they had alternating apple & floral centerpieces. hydrangeas & orchids were the the flowers i believe. i thought they were so bright & pretty
here's the happy couple. aren't they cute? {also, i LOVE khaki suits for weddings}
it was a fun date with my hubby too!
this was their cake. it basically tasted like a chocolate-chip mini-muffin cake. so delicious. i want a piece right now.
i loved this favor table. i loved the little candies in tins & the flowers. i have no idea what type they are.
welp....sorry for being random. hopefully you like flipping through the channels of my crazy mind. the bears game is still looking grim, eek. i need to go think up a "cheer-my-grumpy-husband-up-plan."

nighty night blogland.


  1. Jen - my house is the same way during football games! Yesterday during the bengals game, they scored to go ahead with less than a minute left. Derek was so excited he picked up our 70-lb dog and carried him around the house. Then he got the dog a treat and told him he would only get it if the bengals made their extra point - which they did. So derek and the dog were both happy. With less than a minute left the other team scored on a fluke play to win the game and Derek starts yelling - Moose sniffs him wondering what is going on and Derek proceeds to yell at the dog to leave him alone - the same dog he was seconds ago carrying aroud the house. Poor Moose was so confused, he had no idea why this sudden change from being loved on to yelled at.

    So yes, I totally know what you're talking about ;)

  2. I'm glad you had such a fun trip...I hope it was relaxing for you. And yes I feel your pain about football....hello...we're Bengals fans & everyone knows they haven't been good in over 20 years.

  3. oh did i not mention...we ALSO watched the bengals game yesterday. over 4 hours of football emotional roller coasters. i don't know if i can take this for MONTHS!

    once you throw college ball & fantasy leagues into this mix i'm never going to see my husband not in a jersey. this is sick.

  4. Confession. I am the football-aholic in our house. Seth could care less and I am addicted. Apparently i'm a boy. :(

  5. i like football & i like to get into the game {but not EVERY football game on TV}; i just don't have an obsession.

    ben WANTS me to love the Bears but that sort of love has to evolve over time. i'm trying, he'll just have to wait.

    i keep saying "on on u of k!"

  6. I feel worried, yesterday was opening day, and I am already sick of football. I ended up going into the front room to do homework because I couldn't be around football a minute longer. There may be some tension in the Ridd household this Fall... haha

  7. maybe we can send the boys to one house and we'll stay at the other. we'll take both our computers outta the house and go blog together while they watch football and act irrationally.

  8. I like the way you're thinking Jen. That's the best thing I've heard all week actually. Let's arrange this in the near future please. Your house for football and mine for blogging....your TV is bigger.
    (Comments from Eric)


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