Friday, September 19, 2014

if you can't sleep, write. and watch food network.

i'm laying on the couch watching pioneer woman [instead of showering and going to bed as i should at midnight] so why not write a post full of exhausted ramblings.  i just kind of missed this little corner of the world so i thought i might as well just jot a few things down.  i have a two year old update cooking for my sweet little emmie.  i really would love to post it now, i just want to make sure i give it the attention that itty bitty deserves.
...not her party. 

things have been changing a little around here.  i'm still staying home with emmie and working part-time from home but things are in full swing with ben back at school.  the school teacher schedule is actually really incredible but we are both completely knocked by the time he gets home in the afternoon. 

em is super emotional these days.  we're hoping that it's not a preview for our teen years.  if so, we're in for it.  after a day starting around 6-something am of consoling, encouraging or disciplining my crying, fussing or disobedient little one, i need a nap, or a pop, or a massage.  
not all day, everyday is that difficult but on the days that are, they typically are like that all day and my patience is so thin.  i've really been trying to keep perspective that this is just a stage and we are so incredibly blessed to be entrusted with this little life.  some days i'm just very much reminded that i'm in need of grace [for me to give and for me to receive]. 

for pretty much six years i've been struggling with doing 'homemaker' type tasks.  i'm not great at cooking or cleaning or grocery shopping etc.  but as of late, i've got a twenty-seventh wind, blame it on nesting, but i really desire to love my family well in creating a home that they're happy to be in and that other people are blessed by.  it's just very small baby steps for me to get there.  i started  loosely following a weekly cleaning schedule the clean mama blog.  i like that there are just small tasks to do everyday.  and while i have failed [everyday] to complete even the small list that she has it feels manageable and our house is getting a tiny bit less overwhelming.  i'm also trying my hand with some couponing and cooking some each week.

i had my first yard sale last weekend.  we're trying to unload some things from our house that we just don't use as well as quite a few items left over from our little booth that we had with our besties.  it was pretty successful i suppose but i still have plenty that i need out of my house and garage so tomorrow i'm opening up the garage and hoping to empty out some more this weekend.  it's not my favorite way to spend my weekend but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

little baby number 2 is growing like crazy.  or at least that's what my waistline would suggest.  this week we're 19 weeks and the size of an heirloom tomato [says an app].  in just less than 2 weeks we go for our anatomy scan and we will also be finding out the gender - woo hoo!  i'm no longer nauseous which is a huge praise and i'm just enjoying dreaming about the babe to come & what our life may be like.  half of those day dreams are sweet sentiments and half are terror about how crazy and inadequate i might be for this job.  the babe moves all the time.  i get less sleep that way but i love those little kicks.  i felt kicks for the first time at 16 weeks and ben [& friends] have had the pleasure just this week. 
one of my dearest and most creative friends suggested that since our guest room will be a nursery and all storage will be lost that we should convert our dining room into a playroom / office.  it really is a much more practical use of our space for what we really do in our house.  i don't throw formal dinner parties.  i do have plastic food and a printer in the dining room so it won't really be a stretch.  i'm really excited about that transformation and actually feeling infinitely more organized that way.  my craft goodies are the only thing i'm slightly concerned about finding a home for.  i'm on the lookout for shelves and some sort of cool hutch / cabinet if you see anything let a sister know!  i've been scouring craigslist but with no luck thus far.  i'm not spending $300 on a cabinet, so that must be how you get luck - get money.

I'd love to write again soon, pick up that two year old emmie update with all her new developments, her 2nd bday party, our sixth anniversary, the end of one chapter of ministry, the beginning of another and much more. I hope that happens before I forget all the dets. 

Happy Friday friends. LOVE!!

Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. -lam 3:22

Saturday, August 23, 2014

future family of four

Well, it's true. There is a little one joining our family in just a few short months. We were 'trying' for this little miracle but for some reason we're still a little shocked when you actually realize "HOLY MOLY we're having a baby!!" 
Ben & I could not be more excited. We're due February 12th, 2015 and I'm sure it will fly by. We saw the doctor very early in my pregnancy because at 8 weeks I was leaving for Young Life camp and knew that I'd be "outted" namely because I couldn't do hardly anything that camp entails (tubing, go carts, ropes course etc.). I didn't want to announce the little bean so soon but under the circumstances we at least wanted to know (from what we could tell), that all looked good with the babe. 
At 7.5 weeks had the ultrasound (above), one baby, all looked well, strong, fast heartbeat, looked like a tadpole. At that point our baby was the size of a lentil and today (15.5 wks) babe is the size of an apple. 
From weeks 5 to 13ish I was super duper nauseous. Sadly, I thought I was immune since I had no nausea with emmie - guess that's not true. Lots of people have suggested that maybe that means this one is a little fella but we've had lots of friends with babies of the same sex and felt really differently between the two so I'm not totally convinced.

Speaking of gender, Ben and I are in a bit of a disagreement about whether or not we should find out. It has never crossed my mind that I WOULDN'T want to find out for this babe. If we were to have a boy it seriously wouldn't even have one sleeper that's not covered in ruffles. Not to mention that I'm pretty sure I won't feel AS enthusiastic about getting his/her room together AFTER giving birth, wrangling a newborn and a two year old. I'm not against other people not finding out (well maybe I am) but anyway, I just don't know that it's for me. So one of us is going to have to budge. We'll see how that works out. 

I've also been more tired than any period of time I can remember in my life. Like at any moment I could sleep...driving, walking through target, I mean anywhere. "They" say that I should perk up in my second trimester but I'm here and still sleepy as ever. 

One fun aspect has been talking to Emmie about her little brother or sister that's on the way. It's lucky that we get 9 months to try and get there with her. She now talks to the baby, always points at me and says "baby," kisses my belly and gives it hugs. She also sometimes lifts up her own shirt and says "baby" and also sometimes kisses ben's belly (and then says "ew!") so she may be a little confused. It's a hard concept. She's going to be such a fun & sweet sister I just know it. That is one of things I'm most excited about - seeing them be friends.  

We have some fears about having two. I sometimes struggle just operating well with our one kiddo. I'm not great with house-keeping, cooking, budgeting, holding lots of things in my arms at one time & I lose my patience more than I should;  it makes you a little scared thinking about how you'll survive with another. But I know that God will give us what we need, when we need it and hopefully provide a ole heaping helping of grace over all of us. And maybe more arms?
That's Em wearing pajamas, fairy wings and caring for her perpetually naked baby. She seems like a reliable assistant, right? Also, her face - ha!

All kidding and fear aside, we feel incredibly blessed. We know that even getting to this point is a gift and we rejoice in that daily. It's so fun to dream about this little bean and what it will be like to grow our family. I know that it will involve some bickering and sleepless nights but much more than that I think of lots of giggles, story times, costume wearing, snuggling, room sharing, nature walks and talks about things that really matter (long before you have any idea what we're babbling about). 

Poppa wanted me to tell you that he loves you already and you're so small. He's gonna squeeze you and play catch with you. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

life right now

i wrote this a few weeks ago and just realized i never added pics and posted.  so now here i am.  i'm stuck in the house with my babe who's sick and sleeping and my bigger (manly-er) baby who snoring on the couch so it seemed right to play catch up. 

our little angel baby is now (then) 20 months old and crazier than ever.  i am so overwhelmed with how sweet our life is right now.  i mean i could use a shower, my house is literally covered in clothes, my sink is overflowing with dishes that actually kind of smell (ew!) but as far as all important things go, i wouldn't change a thing.
: : : : :

i realized after writing this that no one besides ben & i would likely be interested or excited about most of these little tidbits & updates about ems but i have to write them down or i won't remember.  i understand if squealing over 'baby steps' ain't your jam - this is us right now.

emmie bear, here are some of your newest developments...

you clasp your hands up near your chin and then do tiny little claps.  you really love to make little "sweet" and darling little girly head tilts and hand on your cheek things.  i have no idea where you get that (probably a cartoon) but i love it.

we had back to back consignment sales to attend a few weeks ago and we loaded up on goodies.  besides the FIVE pairs of shoes i found (that i'm crazy over) for dirt cheap, we found a gem toy in this little kitchen.  you can play in your pretend kitchen for hours.  you move all your plastic food, one piece at a time from the mircowave to the oven, shut them both, bend down to check on the oven and then do the next piece.

you run like a wild woman.  sometimes she just runs laps up and down the hall.  you give her a little bit of room and she's gone. now i just need to get her some tennies - for the love, will someone please make baby tennis shoes that aren't hot pink with purple leopard print? update:  she has some, found by nana Karen and worn almost constantly.

em's had her first ever baby ponytail!  she could have probably had one months ago but i never bought those tiny little hairties.  now that we have them, ponytails for life.  just like her momma.  who would have thought flippy little chunk of hair would bring us so many smiles.  i think we just feel that way because it makes her look so grown up, it's a little heart wrenching but awesome at the same time.

emmie mems hums / sings along when i sing or when music is on.  she still doesn't say many words at all so anytime she uses her little voice in unexpected ways i basically melt.  she also loves dancing!  if she hears even just a few beats, this baby is swaying. she swings those arms and bobs that head. can't get over it.
you sing and mimic songs and words from Disney movies.  it kills me.  the fact that you've memorized scenes from frozen and act them out while using fake gibberish words - oh my goodness.  i didn't know this was going to happen so little.  
you're still loving bath and bubbles little one. 

you understand nearly everything that we say although you don't already listen.  you still don't fully understand picking up after yourself but you do love to throw things away in the trashcan which is really helpful and sweet, when its trash that you throw away.

you are so great at hugs and kisses.  you give really strong squeeze your neck hugs, you have all different kisses, butterfly kisses, eskimo, on the mouth shouting "MMWWAAHHH" and possibly my favorite when you want the kiss and you squish your cheek super hard in my face.  the best squishy cheeks i ever saw.

you like to go in your room, turn your fan on high, sit on the floor and 'read' all your books.  you can entertain yourself for a good long while.

calls ben "momma" still, it sort of bothers him but is also kind of adorable because she always says it in response to being so excited to see him.

obsessed with swings - squealed with delight.  i think spring is going to treat us right. update:  i was right.  we have had SO much fun going to the parks on every pretty day.  our morning park trips will soon be replaced with the pool but i think our park dates will just be moved to the evening instead.  man i love spring / summer!

you have been really rotten out to in restaurants lately.  i guess we've entered into that phase of toddlerhood.  it makes me sad because i kind of love sitting and relaxing over a meal with my family that i didn't cook or have to clean up.  i think the relaxing is done for now.  unless a sitter is involved. haha

i left em and ben for a conference, hope spoken, for 4 or 5 days.  the time away was really sweet and refreshing but i did miss my little family dearly.

i came home to spring break - woohoo!  we stayed in town for the week and this week has already been such a huge blessing.  AND we got a little nephew out of it.  i gotta post that!!!!!

i've really been processing more and more about the mom that i want to be and what i hope i give to em as she grows up.  it is utterly overwhelming for me to fathom living out the gospel in every little and big situation.  i'd love to think it'd be second nature for me as i chase after Christ & seek to know Him more intimately but it is just kind of terrifying to me.  i know that i will be imperfect and fail a million times but i just don't want to waste it, not one opportunity to point this little girl toward her creator who loves her so.  the reality is that God is good and that He is soverign, that Emmie will have to grow up and make her own decisions about what she believes but seriously, i want to be so faithful with what has been entrusted to me and i feel so clueless about the best ways to do that.  praying over you precious little heart my sweet one.

To celebrate

So I must have uploaded all these pictures and thought I'd write a post right away. Four months later I've got no details but I do know this was from
Mother's Day weekend. .  

We are surrounded by such great family. It is really incredible that out of all the people in all the world we were both born into the homes we were. The examples of mommas (biological, step, in laws, grandmas, friends, aunts, etc) that Ben and I have are such an encouragement to our family.  

From what I can tell I think we spent the weekend in Louisville, had a date night and then brunched with my momma and pop. 
And if memory serves, I got pampered by our little family the weekend before. My sweet family brought me donuts in bed and emmie colored in a book for me w pictures from the last two mothers days. 
I feel like its such a sweet gift and I can't even think about how my love for it will continue to grow as our little family grows and grows up. 
This isn't the book. This is a planner that emmie was obsessed w. and if you were wondering what emmie looked like in April or May of 2014, here she is. I'm so late!
This IS her eating donuts in my bed though. She really enjoyed this party of Mother's Day. 
Being a mom has been such a humbling and incredible gift. My heart could seriously explode when I think about her little life and us being entrusted with her while she's here. Even on hard days, it is so very precious to me. I know The Lord in new ways because of Emmie and Ben in new ways too.  I pray that I will be faithful with her, to point her (and future baby) toward Jesus everyday, what this whole life is really about. I'm so thankful for this sanctifying blessing of motherhood. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

All play & no work

I always want to be a better 'journaler' but I ALWAYS flake. So I've been thinking about posting just really quick snippets to remember so that I may be able to commit to it a little more easily. 

Today was such a sweet day. A morning visit my momma, emmie's nana was long overdue and much enjoyed. Emmie is slightly obsessed with her and is stuck to her like glue the entirety of the time she's here. One of my favorite things was that when mom would walk away at all emmie would shout the same string of jibberish at her over and over. I love that she really was trying to tell her something. 
she's picking her nose. i'm sorry.
Em finally for some tennies to play in. HOORAY!! Nana always comes bearing gifts. She's had to play in jellies and ballet flats until now so this is amazing! She's in between sizes and baby shoes are so expensive or the amount of time they wear them, so hard for me. 

hanging dead-weight in the swing for a good few minutes.  she's something.
when Benny got home we got to have family time at the park (she got of practice on the big slide), a music / dance party with poppa on the guitar and then a walk around the neighborhood before bed. Em kicked a kickball up and down our streets and if you know our daughter, this is a BIG deal! Up until like a week ago she would try and hold on to something for balance to pick up her foot and kick. It was so fun to watch her learn to do something new and she was SO excited. 'ball' is one of her few words :)

last but not least, today was emmie's first ever top knot.  I took 500 pictures of her in hopes of getting a picture that encompassed how truly precious that mini-bun was but she wasn't too cooperative.  but never fear, I think that there will be many more buns in our future. 
we're in the laundry room because emmie likes to go into rooms by herself, shut the door and lean up against the wall.  normally she 'reads' books while she does that.  this time she was putting on chapstick.  she wouldn't leave the laundry room so in I went.  perfect place for commemorative pics right?  oh and I don't mean to be in these pics but i'm too lazy to edit them, ignore me.
teeny tiny top knot
ben kept said "she looks like such a little girl" and break my heart, she totally does.  I can't believe how fast she's growing.  so thankful to be along for the ride.  better get to work now {wink wink}

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

hope spoken

this is a super long post, i'm sorry in advance.  i'm recapping every little bit [no joke] of a recent trip in one place - i don't really expect anyone to read all of these words, but i want to have this all tucked away to look back on.  oh and i didn't proofread this. yikes.
* * * * *
it finally happened, after more than a year of hoping-wishing-waiting, hope spoken finally has come and gone.  when my bestie, cory asked me and rach if we would be interested in a girl's trip across the country i had a 3 month old. a weekend of girl time, truth, rest & fun sounded ah-maz-ing, even if it was 15 months away.  without knowing anything about any of the speakers, what was planned or how we'd get there, i bought my ticket - well, i asked for it as a birthday present really.  i trust my friends' taste in adventures and they were a little more 'in the know' than me.
in between buying the ticket and arriving at the conference i did a tiny bit of research on a few of the ladies that were involved and also found out that some of my favorite bloggers / IGers would either be in attendance and/or leading small groups, etc.  i got even more excited [if that's possible] about being there.  if my friend's who i look up to are about it, and these women that i don't know [ha!] but look up to are about it, then it's gotta be great, right?
we planned our trip to get in thursday morning, a day before the conference so that we could really get the fullness of our 'adult spring break' and not feel too rushed.  we had from about 10:15a thursday until 4 p on friday to do as we pleased, see dallas, just visit, etc. i really loved this part of our trip.  if i were to do it again, i would not skimp on this!  since we were splitting our hotel room 4 ways, one extra night wasn't so much more and it was really worth it for the extra time.  although, our 6am flight out of louisville was a wee bit rough!

they may have gotten up at 4a to shower and get ready.  i may have rolled out of bed and brushed my teeth.  don't judge.  we only got about 2 hrs of sleep that night.  i'm a lover of sleep.  like i said, rough.
we were super psyched to hear that our sweet friend libby wanted to be a part of this conference too and immediately made our plans to all stay together.  lib lives in virginia (we're in ky) so we get to visit way less often then we'd like.  all of these ladies are such an encouragement to me - the way that they love the Lord, and people - especially their families and the people they minister to - spurs me on in a way that i can't fully communicate.  and the way each of these friendships have been created and cultivated is nothing less than ordained. God has really woven our stories together in such an intricate and beautiful way.  i'm one really blessed lady.
when we arrived we got our rental car, got some authentic tex mex and went shopping at an outdoor mall.  funny enough we only went into a loft and gap in two hours. the gap?  honestly? hahah when the clearance rack is an extra 40% off i guess there's nothing left to do.  the poor boy working in the dressing room as we tried on all matching outfits for 60 minutes.
lib's flight was delayed, which was no surprise because that sadly happens to her kind of often, so while we were waiting for her we checked into our hotel and went to the pool.  YES THE POOL!  i was in a bathing suit while it was 34 degrees at home.  it was so nice just to feel the sun.  i need freckles and vitamin d already!  when libby got in we visited, got cleaned up and hit the town.  ironically, the locals working at the hotel sent us to this terrible restaurant downtown but at least it got us in the vicinity of good things.  we ate a delicious meal outside catching up talking about life and motherhood and ministry and being a wife and what's hard and what's good and what we're looking forward to and what we dread.  we talked about what we wanted out of the weekend and so much more.  i've become more 'introverted' in my old age but i still really crave people time, just in smaller groups.  i love to hear about other peoples' hearts and lives. i love laughing til it hurts. after thursday i already considered the weekend a success and the conference hadn't even started yet. 
we slept in friday morning, oh glory!  it was so nice.  after a starbucks run, a long walk and lunch at 'the porch' [must try!] and it was time to check in.  #itshappening
the place was absolutely gorgeous.  basically i will steal all of these ideas for future baby birthday parties.  so many special handmade pieces that made it all so sweet and made all the ladies feel like they were entering into a weekend that was crafted thoughtfully just for us.  so many super talented and generous people were involved in making the weekend such a raving success. 
i've never been to a women's conference before but for me the vibe was very cool.  all the women, even if you were just with people in the elevator, would be friendly and introduce themselves.  it didn't feel cliquey or fake, just seemed real and lovely.
when we first came into dinner we sat right behind some girls who actually are involved in young life [a ministry that all of us girls are/were involved in] and know a ton of the same people of us.  out of 250 people, it just seemed kind of amazing that we'd be there together and then sit right behind each other.  one of the girls i had actually met once before and the other is going to be on assignment with libby this summer - what are the chances?  then as our table filled with really sweet women, two of the ladies were two that i've read their blogs for quite some time - Emily from jones design co. & Jami at from the nato's.  i silent screamed and tried not to be too awkward - i know they're normal people.  but they're normal people who have amazing stories and are mommas of bunches of babies - these are the people that i didn't know but that i look up to!  they're at my dinner table!  we actually ate all of our meals together.  i can't believe i didn't ask them to take a picture with me like a crazed fan but i had to draw a line somewhere of being a complete creeper.
the worship was amazing!  tim halperin, jordan & lauren & jenny simmons did a phenomenal job!  not that i didn't think worshipping the Lord in song would not be great no matter what but they found some seriously talented people to lead us in that.  since i had no expectations, i was completely blown away.  ps // tim said that he's playing at several young life camps this summer friends!  your students are going to l-o-v-e him and he did an excellent job of speaking about Jesus in a way that i think will completely resonate with teens.  i wish he'd be at camp with us - jelly!

holy moly, i haven't even written about my notes yet or anything i learned.  what a mess.  i should have done two parts.  hmmmm.  i'll hit some highlights from each of the women i heard speak and then hopefully be back to really share some deeper things that the Lord has been pressing on my heart.
it was really obvious that danielle, casey and emily, the dreamers and hostesses of the event, really care for women and wanted to be such a blessing and encouragement to all the women attending.  they weren't just trying to get something done or gain recognition for themselves - it was so obvious that they just want to glorify the Lord and point ladies to live full lives dependent on Christ.

many of the women spoke out of place of their testimony.  they spoke about their personal lives and how they know God.  i'm not going to retell their testimonies but they are totally worthy of hearing.  you should seriously read about these women and what the Lord has so faithfully done in and through them.  some of these women were keynote speakers, so everyone heard from them, and then the others were breakout sessions so different people heard different women.  here were some of my take aways.  some of this they may have actually said and some may have been just things they made me think about. [i don't want to not credit them and then i don't want to credit them for something they wouldn't have wanted to say - haha].  bolded things that really hit me hard.

shauna niequist:
-living a life of love: 1 Corinthians 13
-lay down the hustle and rebuild your life on purpose
-your choices can draw you toward or away from the person you want to be & the life you want to have.
-saying "no" to some things opens you up to say "yes" to the most important things
-what is important to you vs. what is important to the world?
-exodus 16:  you can't handle the workload alone, you will wear yourself out
-acknowledge that God can use other people too
-give up the need to be known for something other than Jesus, it doesn't matter what someone else can do.
-luke 10: mary and Martha, we want Jesus to say "you're so capable, i'm so impressed by you" but he says "you're missing it!  it's me!"

lauren chandler: she actually did an amazing job that was really more of a sermon format, and it was great.  my notes on this are terrible but she broke psalm 107 showing how God works in and through so many different hard things we go through, whether that's circumstantial or self-inflicted.
-psalm 107
-God often draws people into the desert before he does something different, a time of preparation, sacred time.  you need me, not the promised land

casey weigand:
this was kind of a q & a format and i didn't jot notes really - whoops!  but she did share about her life, the awesome parts and the hardships.  it reminded me that we don't always know what God is up to but we do always know that He is for us and for our good.

hannah singer: was so incredibly proud of her speaking in front of this group of women.  it takes so much guts to share your story in a place like that and she was such a rock-star.  as a girl who utterly hates public speaking i felt so blessed to see a woman who maybe doesn't love standing at a podium do it for the cause to pointing people toward the Lord - super encouraged.
-psalm 107:14-15
-Isaiah 43:18
-grace will show you that you are unworthy without making you feel unloved
-romans 8:31
-the devil doesn't want you to share your story, he wants remind you of your shame.
-galatians 5
-2 Corinthians 12:9
-joy and grief can co-exist
-jeremiah 33:3: "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’"
-"when i look at my scars they always remind me of what God has done and i remember that Jesus has scars too."

jami nato:
-romans 11:32
-don't look at the 'heroes of faith' in the bible and imitate their life, look at them and say "who is their God?"
-if i'm not the hero who am i?  i'm the adulterer.
-we're just arrows pointing people to jesus, like john the Baptist in the desert.
-the only way that ______ will change is that God will change your heart, work a miracle
-know that you are loved, precious & chosen
-moses knew God intimately but he did not get to see the promised land.  the promised land is not the reward, knowing God is the reward.
-you don't need to fear the trials that God will allow to lead you closer to Him.  HE IS SO GOOD.

danielle burkleo
-your story matters, even if isn't "dramatic" it is the most incredible story of love and grace, it's worth sharing
-step out in faith, say yes when God prompts you
-don't miss the moments you're in
-God is a God of redemption
-Isaiah 26:3:  "you will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you."

leslie padgett:
psalm 119:11
hebrews 12:2, 11:1
-faith that remains unchallenged usually remains unchanged
-faith is often challenged by pain
-you don't always have to avoid or mask pain, you can participate, seek God, praise God, glorify him.
-Isaiah 43:19
-1 Kings 18
-Zeph 3:17
-God told her who she was before He told her what to do
-Isaiah 61:1, 54:5
-God is enough, He is trustworthy and good.
-God withheld the only thing she thought she needed and replaced it with what she truly needed --> God himself
-We are wired for surrender:  we know when we've carried too much & not given our burden to God when our sin creeps up as anger, impatience, worry, etc.
so that's that.  i can't possibly type anything else.  except, check out that guy behind cory.  i had a wonderful time and felt so blessed to be on this weekend.  thank you for all the hard work so many people put into those few precious hours.
oh and i met maybe my all-time favorite blogger, ashley campbell in real life.  nbd.  i was really awkward and she was really sweet.  and very small.  so nice to have met you if you ever click your way here and then read for three hours to the end of this post ashley!
emmie was really glad to have me home.  ha!
until next year ladies! wink wink!

Monday, March 3, 2014

surviving winter

twice in one week, i'm on a roll!  ow ow!

today was snow day number 12 for good ol' Lexington and school has already been cancelled for tomorrow.  my teacher of a husband will be going to school til july.   it was wonderful to have my sweet hubs home for the day but my little monster was actually, kind of a monster.  it was one of those days where lack of napping led to one baby meltdown after another.  bedtime couldn't come soon enough - for either of us.

but even on the hard days, i have it pretty good.  here's a few from the last week trying to survive winter.

emmie just started letting me leave bows in her hair!  you have no idea what a huge development this is for us!  i have been collecting hairbows for 19 months in anticipation of this!  and now that her bangs are constantly in her eyes it's more of a necessity than just an accessory.  i wanted to send ben a pic of em in a bow and this is the face she made when i said 'smile!'
one great way to make it through eternal frozen nightmare is with an adorable scarf.  this little stinker helped me enter and win a giveaway from my bestie, cory!  what are the chances!?  i always threaten her to pick me & she never does, now my luck is turning around!  i submitted this pic of em in her eclectic joy  baby scarf, how could it not be lucky? cory's clearing out all her fall/winter scarves to make room for spring.  grab them while you can!
over the weekend we got to celebrate our sweet friend, lu's birthday, a little earlier than her actual birthday.  thai food for everyone.  i wanted a sweet family shot.  hey, we tried.
i always bite emmie's cheeks, like play bite not for real, and i guess she's catching on.  sadly for her, my cheeks are a little less adorable to nibble.
which brings us to today.  today, like i said, was one of those days.  i know i have it super easy, our life is crazy blessed but today i felt like i cleaned up the same pile of toys 10 times, emptied to sink full of dishes to turn around and it be filled to the brim again, and was a tad low on patience. [by tad i mean a lot low].  but those aren't the things you want to remember in your family blog / journal.  you want to look back on flowers and puppy dog tails but sometimes that ain't true so lets call it how it is.

in all the frustrations that come, there are those sweet, totally worth it moments too.  we spent the morning at home because the roads were pretty bad.  i made breakfast for us which was yummy if i do say so myself.  we pretended we were at josie's with the brehms & junkers with chef jen jen. 

later on we ventured out.  cabin fever is setting in thick around these parts.  i cannot wait to feel the warm sun [will that ever happen!?] and take em outside to run around daily.  oh man, she can't wait either.

we ate linner as a family in an almost empty restaurant, which was good because ems was a hellion.
and then to burn some energy we took em to the book store to run some laps.  she found a $25 little stuffed bunny [what?!] that we had to pry from her tiny grasp upon our exit.  my favorite part besides watching em with the train table and trying to climb into the fountain was this scene...
playing dollhouse with poppa & tiny kitty cat dolls.  real men sit in tiny chairs and play with their babies.  ugh, my heart.

soaking up these little moments with my favorite people.  hope you're surviving the snow with your favorites too!
* * * * *
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