Wednesday, September 2, 2009


it feels like the wonderful season of fall is HERE & i am loving it! i am SO {mentally} prepared for the leaves to change, for the crisp breeze to come & for comfortable times spent outdoors {not sweating}. although i am mentally prepared i fear that my closet is not. i don't participate too much in trends and i REALLY have way more than i need of...everything. so in an effort to spice up my old drab wardrobe without breaking the bank i'm thinking....mmm...accessories.

i found these sweet pieces at candy's art design on esty
i think any of her dainty necklaces, rings, broches, hairclips & earrings would add a little interest to just another sweater.
hope you get to play outside today {in your accessories}


  1. Jen, I love these! Not bad prices either. I have already picked out one on her etsy shop!

  2. LOVE IT!!
    Can't go wrong with ETSY goodness...
    She makes some CUTE stuff and offers free shipping!


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