Sunday, April 28, 2013

the games we play

being a 'mostly' stay-at-home-mama has afforded em and i all kinds of bonding time / fun having time / game playing time.  now that you are is getting bigger / older / wiser you are into all kinds of things little lady.  i thought i might as well jot them down before we forget!

you love things that aren't toys the most [i hear cardboard boxes are all the rage].  you love empty water bottles, crinkly diaper wipe cases, remote controls & cell phones a lot.  i also think there is some kind of magnet force field between your and the electrical sockets on the wall.  p.t.l. momma finally bought those little safety plugs so i say "no touch please" about 400 times less in a day.  [she doesn't know what that means fyi].

you have your own "cabinet" which is actually the bottom of our pantry.  there are all kinds of kid-friendly non-toys for you to get your hands on, and you do.  quit judging my pantry.  you just crawl your little self on in there and momma can actually wash a bowl or something before you need more attention.  it's pretty awesome!  you really enjoy pulling every.thing. out of the cabinet.  every. thing.  ;)

you like to stand at the front door.  the screen door is glass, so i don't know what you call that but you like it.  you can see outside, sometimes you sit and play with dirt on our floors [yikes] and sometimes you stand, press your face to the glass, blow bubbles and slam your tiny baby palms on the door as if to say "HELLO WORLD!! it's me, emmie!"

we go on walks just about every pretty day here in ky.  we've had really crazy weather, one day 80 degrees the next day 40 degrees so we have to take advantage when we can.  we get all around the neighborhood and when we can we lay out a blanket in the yard so you can get some outdoor exercise too!  the big tree in the front yard shades you pretty well from the bright sun on pretty days so we can stay out there for a while.
on those pretty days we've also had our air conditioner kick on and that is a whole new 'something amazing' that you enjoy.  you love to find the air registers on our floor and put your hands and feet on the cold air blowing out.  i have to stop you eventually because your tiny little self turns into an ice cube.  a few times you tried to lick the registers too.  it was gross.  auntie cory said "get that girl a popsicle"  - i say summer prophesy!
my current faves include you interacting with your poppa.  when he gives you tickle kisses you laugh so loud!  and you just recently started leaning into him when he stops so that he'll do it again.  precious.  you also have fake laugh battles with your dad.  you love mimicking noises, grunts, squeals, words but most of all we love to see you fake laugh.  you two exchanging ridiculous giggles is just about the most hilarious thing I've ever seen.  the only sad part is that rarely will share this side of you with other people.  it kills me because i know the world would LOVE to see awesome baby antics too but, sigh, so be it.  we're you're audience.
sweet girl, we wouldn't rather play with anyone else.  you're pure awesomeness!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

our first family vacay [with a bean] :: part 1

we were incredibly blessed to go on our very first vacation as a family of three.  it was a little frightening to embark on the 10 hour car trip with an 8 month old & we didn't have a clue what would happen with a baby on a beach but after a few google searches and a decision to drive through the night, we made it successfully.

we put em in the car a few minutes after her bedtime because we were at a party celebrating the engagement of two of our favorite people.  she fell asleep quickly and we assumed smooth sailing.  sadly, every time we stopped, for gas, to switch drivers or when we pulled over to sleep for a few hours she screamed her face off.  like super duper angry.  that part was hard.  we hated that she wasn't getting good, solid sleep and we were a little too tired to want to deal with it.  when morning finally rolled around it was back to a fun car trip.  we had about 3 more hours of driving left to do and did it in about 5, stopping when em was awake to let her get out, eat and play.  I really liked our family road trip stops. 

ben and baby saying "SB2K13 here we come!" after getting some early morning nom nom's at country fresh cracker barrel.
emmiekins at sonic.  she loved getting out of the car and thankfully, the weather was great to sit outside.  strangers everywhere love to come and see you.  you make people smile with your sweet little demeaner.
we fiiiiinally made it.  two tired parents and one sweaty baby.  we had to strip her down and get that babe cooled off accompanied by celebratory screeching!
do you spy a fluffy baby mullet?
we immediately lathered that baby in sunscreen, changed clothes and headed to see the sea.  we borrowed an umbrella stroller so that we wouldn't have to drag along our big hoss of a stroller from home.  I love our regular one but it's just not practical when you're packing your whole house in the trunk.
"I need the sand in my toes"
will she like it?  how will she respond to sand...and sun...and water with waves?  being hot?  being cold?  welp, we found out!  the beach is a hit!  she loved it.  look at that face!
she waved at the waives pretty much any time ben would take her out to the water.  it was pretty precious!
one of our high quality family shots. babhahhaha.  i'll be back with more awesome pictures of our bean in a bathing suit.  you're going to love it.  little boo, you were so sweet on our family vacation, we so enjoyed getting to see you experience these new things.  spending time just the three of us was incredibly precious to me.  wouldn't trade it for the world.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

dream realized: rlf is REAL

in high school my two best friends and i dreamed of starting a business together. that business may have included plans of a shop full of fried chicken, braids and giant bling but a business & a dream nonetheless. about a year and a half ago we jumped in with both feet into business-partnership-land. we ironed out our ideas, talked finances, goals, what we hoped to do (maybe the bling got nixed). we decided to move forward with a twinge of uncertainty and boatloads of excitement laced with three heads-full of inspiration. our lively endeavor came to a screeching halt when i found myself pregnant {surprise!}. em was due right around the time we hoped to "launch" our venture and we (errr I) was pretty overwhelmed and stressed about taking on what our initial plan entailed while preparing for a baby & working full-time, so we regrouped [sorry guys!].  we stopped "collecting" our treasures until we could figure out what we wanted to do.
::unbelievably dirty, sweaty, tired & THRILLED::
fast forward to january of this year...we decided it was go time.  we weren't going to be able to run with the original plan (which i may share someday if it ever happens) but we still wanted to do something.  with five babies in our midst and another on the way, we had to scale back a bit but we knew that this something was possible, even if it was a mini-something.  a few months passed, we were put on a waitlist and ta-da!  we are now the proud renters of a little corner of wonderful in the most precious little thrift store you ever did see.  we're starting small with just a lil bookcase but hope to someday move to a full booth, complete with furniture & goodies that we'd love to own ourselves. right now, small to mid-sized treasures are our jam.
organizing, cleaning, pricing, know, workin' it. 
here is our little booth.  we'd love for you come by and visit if you're in the area!  we're going to try and keep it stocked with all kinds of pretty.  come on, you know you want to.

we really do love nearly everything we have stocked.  it took all we had to not keep each treasure for ourselves.  if you need some incentive here are two of my favorite items that we have.  they're both tiny & awesome.  this little dog and the mushroom salt & pepper shakers.  ahhh darling!

consider yourself cordially invited:
RLF [that's us!] @ Feather Your Nest
1496 Leestown Road Lexington, KY 40511

i'm so tempted to post 10 year old pictures of the 3 of us.  i'll see what i can do.

Friday, April 12, 2013

eight months

i'm a tad bit late but baby emmie is eight months old!  she's flying soooo quickly through babyhood.  a lot of times i'm guilty of wishing my way to the next stage but sweet little ems is in such a fun place right now.  i love love love where we're at and it will be a little bittersweet to move on from this place someday.  here are a few of the happenings with you little princess.
you had two new teeth by the time you turned eight months (you actually have one more now).  you had one night of fussing & i don't know if that could be attributed to teething or not.  i know that we had it pretty easy with that one.  all three teeth are in the bottom center.  the two little middle ones are precious, crooked nibblers.  i love them.  you may have nibbled on your momma a few times as well.  that i do not love.

you twirl the hair on the back of your head with one hand while you suck your thumb on the other to fall asleep in your crib.  i feel like that is probably pretty typical for babies but i find it completely adorbs.  speaking of hair...

you're rocking a pretty awesome, fluffy baby mullet at the moment.  the back of your hair has gotten longer & thicker daily and while the top is "growing" it ain't no match for the back.  benny says you're kentucky born and bred so it's only right that you have a that kentucky waterfall.  business in the front, party in the back.  i'm fine with it.  you're hair is getting lighter.  it's not like you're a blondie or anything but you don't have dark brown hair like your parents...yet.
you're still sleeping great.  always sleeping all night, naps a little bit predictable but definitely not as finite as i'd like.  putting you to bed is one of my favorite times.  you melt into a little thumbsucking ball and let me rock you, pray, sing and plop you in the bed.  we're down to very little whining most nights.  i like that.
ok, sometimes you don't sleep...
now that we have blackout curtains, this is better
you are crawling like a pro.  you are everywhere, all the time.  you are pulling up on everything, and sometimes you even take a few steps while holding on to something.  you usually like to crawl around where ever we are, never venturing too far but if we'll move with you, you really love exploring.
you are babbling like crazy, favorite word currently is Mama, Dada, lalala, high pitch squealing and airplane sounds.  in the books it says that mama and dada are indiscriminately right now but i swear you think mama is me.  i love to hear you use your words.
you learned to wave watching me in the mirror, the day you learned you waved at everyone for a LONG time. For a while you would crawl and in between each step you'd stop and wave, like a one-woman baby pageant.
right now you eat stage 2 foods and love puffs now, you eat anything, & love it all.  i need to read up on introducing bigger kid foods to you.  we still haven't seen you turn down anything.
gee mom this is delicious

am i allowed to post this?  how could i not!
as you can see, you love to read.  you are super into flipping through your hard books, throwing them, sitting on them and letting momma read to you.  you love music, to dance, to 'sing' and to bounce. when I'm done bouncing you keep on going.  you also love spending time with your poppa and watching documentaries.  that's real.  look at you all!  ahhh melt my heart.

you smile all. the. time. It's pretty awesome.  You giggle some now but you still hold them back a bit.  your little grin is big and awesome.
napkin hat, smiling baby

you rode in a grocery cart for the first time this month, it was a target cart. probably the best cart you could start in.  you've done great with all your rides since.
you climbed up a step! i didn't get to see you because your Granna and uncle nick were watching you but I can't believe you're so big!
you wear 9 mo, 12 mo and 18 mo clothes.  but 12 mo most often.
carrying around treats in her mouth like a puppy.  favorite new pastime.

you got to meet your bestie, baby ellie this month.  you're in love.  so are we.

i'll be back soon with a love note for my sweet bean, until then look at this awesome, climbing princess!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

That one time...

That one time when I had to walk (all alone) through Walmart at 10pm, to three different registers/attendants collecting 300 postage stamps dressed like a zombie. The sweet cashier asked if I was getting married. Too much.