Thursday, September 17, 2009

movie magic

i love sappy romantic comedies. don't judge me. i believe that even people who say that they don't like them actually do. i like nearly all of them. even the ones that you can say, wow, that is absolutely a horrible movie. i still like it. i love to see the guy get the girl. or the girl get the guy. i love happy endings no matter how cliche they are. i hate when a movie leaves you suprised - but sad. i love for the underdog to win.

some others include {but aren't limited to}:

don't tell mom the babysitter's dead {christina applegate with much larger eyebrows falling in love with the corndog can i resist?} the proposal {i've heard some poor reviews but i laughed out loud so that's good enough for me. my best friend's wedding {classic}. enchanted {fairy tale romantic comedy, so sweet & cute. you just have to love her & her innocence}. sweet home alabama {who doesn't love reese?} pretty woman {also classic}. sex & the city {minus the sex of course} i just love following carrie & i think that miranda & steve are precious as a couple. the wedding singer {i tear up at the end when he sings to her on the plane...i'm such a sucker}. she's all that {terrible movie, love that they get together}. serendipity {roller coaster}. love actually {reminds me of christmas}. 10 things i hate about you {romantic isn't it?}. garden state {maybe this isn't romantic or a comedy? too late i already did it...i really like this movie}

one of my very favorites:

about once a week i think "i'd really like to watch 27 dresses again"

non-related movies that i've seen once but loved & would like to watch again {this weekend}, wrapped up in a cozy blanket drinking hot chocolate. {i swear i'm not a child}. i got emotionally involved in both of these kids films - and yes, i cried.

what's your favorite sappy movie? this is a safe place.

i hope your weekend is filled with love & laughter
{a real life romantic comedy}


  1. I loved the proposal! The first real good girl movie in awhile. last night we watched 21/2 weeks, it's so good.

  2. I also loved the Proposal. I love your list, but I would add Notting Hill, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Serendipity.

  3. NOTTING HILL!! yes. love it! i think i was about to write it and then had 8 julia roberts movies in a row so thought i would wait a few could i forget.

    also forgot to mention: the holiday & the wedding date

  4. i love all of these and would love to watch them right now!


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