Monday, September 7, 2009

{anniversary weekend} ..swoon ..

wedding anniversary #1 of many. we celebrated a romantic and relaxing weekend together. it was fantastic. i woke up on our on sunday to breakfast in bed, roses when i walked out the door and a love letter. my benny is the sweetest. i took a picture of both. "awwww" {i'm saying that to myself as i type this...i'm such a sucker for sweet things}. benny got me my all-time favorite breakfast, a donut days knot. they are actually called "bowtie" donuts, but to me they will always be knots. i ate one on the morning we tied the "knot" as well. it was a very fitting anniversary meal. {side note: if you live in the lexington area you should definitely venture to donut days, they are delicious, cheaper than any place in town & they're local}

-this is a knot-ben& i both had plans that we had thought up on how to celebrate so we stretched them throughout the weekend. i wanted to take benny on a picnic. saturday was supposed to be the prettiest day of the weekend so that's when we planned to go & what do you know? the weatherman was finally right. it was PERFECT weather. i took him to what we call "the tire swing" where we had our first date {as adults}. it was one of my favorite dates of all time, its a pretty special place. here are a few shots.
isn't it a sweet place? they have tons of my favorite trees here. i don't know yet what they are called.

here are the napkins & sandwiches i prepared {just some little details}.

applesauce, homemade brownies, pringles & cherry coke rounded out the meal. it doesn't sound that healthy when i type it out like that but all tasted great! i always think these trees look like art, like someone painted them.
benny squinty-smiling at me. he loves picnics.

on sunday evening benny took me out for dinner at malone's. i wore a dress. we had a lot of fun together & i got to eat steak. we love the lord, each other & steak. this is the complementary dessert they gave us since we were celebrating our big day! ..happily ever after-ing...


  1. i love everything you wrote about in your blog. EVERYTHING. It's because we are so much alike. :)

  2. wait. I decided I don't like applesauce.

  3. i am so glad you had a great anniversary. i love that tire swing and that neighborhood!

    let's catch up soon! my week has been nuts but i promise to call soon!

  4. This looks like a really fun weekend...
    1. I love Malones
    2. I love wearing dresses
    3. I love that exact same tire swing...except I get motion sickness when I swing
    4. I also love knots

    Remember the time we were going to get knots and you smashed me in the POT door...those were the days...

  5. rachel-

    i just lol-ed thinking about you stuck in the revolving door with your backpack pinned outside. it's just so funny. those spaces were so small, i have no idea why you thought we could be in the same one.


  6. this is so precious i could gag! but im glad that you had a wonderful love weekend!!!

    p.s. is that tire swing where you all took me that night where we were almost murdered??


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