Thursday, September 17, 2009


so i probably shouldn't use the blog sphere to vent about my ailments but at this point i heck with it. if i have to feel like this, then as with all other aspects of my life, i'm going to share it with you!

i don't know what has bloomed in lexington, kentucky but it is ruining my life. for the last month i have only been able to breathe through my mouth. my nose is stopped up. the craziest part of it all is that there is nothing to blow out. its just like my sinuses decided to say "there's not really anything going on up here but we've decided to go on strike anyway."

i've had terribly bad allergies my entire life but this bout just seems never ending. sometimes friends say "why don't you go to the doctor & have them do an allergy test on you?" my response continues to be, "i don't need to be stuck with needles all over my back & have terrible reactions to know that i'm allergic." my noses says - i'm pretty sure i am. i have self-diagnosed so far & i think that i am correct. the trouble is that NO medicines are helping me. i'm helpless.

every night i wake up frustrated & angry because i have been sleeping with my mouth open {which is completely unnatural for me} so it is all dried out, my throat hurts, i blow & blow my nose to no avail because i still can't breathe & then i can't go back to sleep. last night was one of the worst episodes of this little scenario. i really need some good sleep but instead of feeling rested when i wake up, my body feels exhausted, like it had to try so hard to get oxygen to my lungs that now it needs a nap. a nap RIGHT AFTER i wake up. ugh.

when i woke up at 4 am this morning {so frustrated} i decided a shower would be good for me & would perhaps open up my head. it worked a tiny little bit & that was sufficient enough to make it worth while. after my shower i crawled back in bed and then proceeded to have dreams about me getting up early for work so that i could drive to rite aid & pick up all the sinus medicine i could find. i'm dreaming about allergy medicine...this is tragic?

in all actuality i AM going to go to rite aid today & i'm going to pick up some breathe-right nasal strips. ever heard of them? i've never used them. if you have, please tell me if they work so i don't waste my money & hope.

dear sleep- please elude me no longer .... dear pollen- leave me alone
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  1. you were surrounded by tissues at bible study tonight. :(
    i am with you. this allergy season has been absolutely ridiculous. i've been taking my pills (that have not been working) with sudafed and it helps a little...let me know about the strips. i want to try too!
    heart you.

  2. Breathe right strips work ok, as long as your nose isn't totally stopped up. When I can't breathe at all out of my nose, I use afrin nasal spray. You aren't supposed to use it for more than 3 days at a time though, so it may not be a long term solution. Also, I don't have allergies, I only get really bad colds, so I'm not sure if this would help on the allergy front, but sometimes it is my only chance at getting any sleep.

  3. afrin is the best... mmmmm afrin.
    it's like instant gratification... however like anne said, you can only use it for so long, and i hear it kinda makes it worse in the long run...(like you'll be stopped up for longer)

    i use the breathe right strips, cause i can't use anything else :( i think they work pretty good...but the best thing is to have the breathe right strips and put a humidifier right by your side of the bed!! that works great..

  4. why the heck does it say micah? this is angie. not micah.

  5. i was gonna say! micah loathes blogs {and crafts}. what's he doing on here!?

    hahah. i don't have a humidifier :( i'm not domestic enough yet. i also figured out that i don't have a thermometer. i'm going to be the worst mom someday.


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