Monday, September 14, 2009

that's amore monday <3

i love organization. i love planners & lists & calendars. i love to anticipate up-coming events & activities. i like to feel like things are in order & planned out. i love checking items off my list. sometimes i even write in things i know are already complete just so i can check them off. it feels good to get things accomplished. i wanted to show you my current planner {which i adore} but couldn't find it anywhere online. i found it at starbucks & it's perfect for me. perhaps i'll add in some photos later because i highly recommend it!

here are some pretty & helpful finds from etsy to keep us all on track. sometimes it helps to be reminded what day of the week it is. {today is monday if you are currently living without your very own planner}

these mini-calendars are from alidesign. very cute, small enough to fit just about anywhere & a good way to brighten up an office.
this is a real cute weekly planner. i love the fabric & design & ...
the way the days are set up. i don't like to have lines in my planner, i never use them if they have them. maybe its a form of rebellion? i just like to be able to fit as much or as little as i want into my day.
the planner is made by TheAyBeeCee's

this next little gem is made by the same woman. it is a 3.5" X 8" {i think} notepad. just a little way to make to-do or grocery lists or jot down notes. i love things like that and i think this specific one is adorable. {and has no lines, just drawing paper}
this one might be my favorite. it's a family dry-erase planner from SignsByCj. unfortunately, we're never home so i probably wouldn't ever get to admire it but i think its precious. another downfall for us is that we often have to plan out months in advance & this one won't let me. i love it anyway. can i have it?

hope your monday is organized & stress-free.

pray for tonight...its the first lhs club of the semester & we're praying BIG that our friends at lafayette will show up full of energy & prepared by the holy spirit to hear the good news of the gospel.


  1. I love the dry-erase planner! That one is cool!

  2. this post makes me want to buy a planner. i need a new one. my life is CRAZY right now. it's hard to keep it all planned in one's head. a messy unorganized person most of the time but give me a planner and i will pretend to be the most organized girl of all time.

  3. I am totally a planner type of girl. I feel a little anxious if I do not have it with me at all times. Ok, maybe I'm not that bad, but I'm close! :)

  4. my most perfect planner that i mentioned ends this january. DEVASTATING. i just noticed last night :( oh well at least i get to find a precious new love to plan with.


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