Monday, September 21, 2009

that's amore monday <3

good morning all. it's monday again and i think we all know what that means - that's amore monday strikes again. but this time it is a little more than just a sharing of something i love, i am also requesting some help. today i love {shower curtains}. i is true all other weeks, what a weird thing to love. call me crazy. i like them because i think they "make" a bathroom. i like that they can add pattern & texture to a room. the shower curtain can change the entire mood of the room. you didn't even think a bathroom could have a mood did you. well, i start my day {everyday} in this room getting ready so i want it to be a place that makes me smile even though it is small {and has a toilet in it}.

there are a million beautiful curtains out there an unfortunately for me every one that i adore cost nearly $100. maybe i'm cheap. i'll rephrase - i'm cheap so to me that seems like a HUGE number for a shower curtain {or two for my two showers}. i just wish that target would get with it and give me exactly what i desire...these anthropologie & moxii shower curtains but for a reasonable fee! PLEASE!

here is one that i would title - "if i didn't live with a boy" isn't it fun & girly! i know its bold and crazy but still. mmm i love it {thank you anthropologie from showing me things i can never afford}

here are two options of what i was thinking for my guest bath. i'm open to different colors or patterns for our hall bath but i do have my heart set on paint. i'd like it to be dark gray. i have the perfect gray picked out but i'm too lazy at the moment to walk in the other room & see what it's called. i want something that is bright and colorful since the walls will be dark & neutral. for some reason i just keep going toward green & white to fit in that room but i know that gray lends itself to all kinds of fun colors. input & suggestions welcome.

this shower curtain is from moxii & the paint is garret gray from sherwin williams.

this shower curtain is from anthropologie & the paint is valspar bedrock.

this is the shower curtain i dream about for our bathroom. i think its simple but interesting and not too girly for ben to deal with.
this yellow-y gold looks really bright on my screen. i'm not sure this is really what i'm looking for {like the gray, i have a swatch that i love - in the other room}. i want that darker yellow-gold color - you've probably seen what i'm talking about. maybe it would end up being too bright & i should find something else. regardless, i'm too scared to paint until i know that i'll have a shower curtain that will fit perfectly in the room.

has anyone heard of anywhere that sells precious shower curtains that are inexpensive {less than $50}? i've scoured tjmaxx & marshalls & target {my normal spots to find hidden gems} & no luck. there has to be some place out there that i haven't heard of yet...there just has to be. i've thought about constructing my own if this issue persists but i don't have much sewing practice under my belt & i think the kicker would be figuring out the button-holes. like how to stitch them up so that they don't fray or tear. i am VERY open to help & suggestions. i want to do our bathrooms SOON!

today there are showers outside & showers in my blog. how fitting. have a great day & check back soon for baby shower was a blast!


  1. Jen...try Bed Bath and Beyond. I have looked at cute ones there in the past, but haven't looked lately. I wanted to make my own as well, and my mom was willing to help. She is so awesome at sewing. Maybe one day we can venture to the 'ville and get a lesson.

  2. I love World Market - it's my favorite store tied with Target. I think there is one thing from World Market in every room of my house. I got both my shower curtains from there (turned three window panels into one of my shower curtains but it was still around $40).

  3. I think you should make one. Then, you can pick a fabric you love! Also, if you learn to make one, then you can teach me :)

    Also, I think that there is a World Market by Shannon. We could go there when we visit her in a couple of weeks!


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