Monday, August 31, 2009

that's amore monday <3

i don't know that this needs tons of explanation BUT if you don't understand: PLEASE wash all your dishes by hand for a year and it won't be long before you appreciate this fabulous invention.
dear dishwasher-
you are so good to me. i grin with glee as i pass you strolling through the kitchen. i giggle as i gently stack dinner plates on the lower rack. thank you for in advance for all of your hard work that will inevitably leave me with a better manicure, less wrinkly hands & my gag-reflex inactive.
i love you-
my only remaining issue is: how will i get my husband in my frilly pink apron again?
i hope you have a fabulous monday & that you take time to honor your appliances too.
{not related alert}
we are officially home owners & are all moved into our new place! everything isn't where its going to live but all in due time...right? i can't wait to share some pics with you all! thank you family & friends for helping us SO MUCH! with all the packing, moving down the street, unloading, cleaning, unpacking, organizing & CELEBRATING - we could have never done it without each of you generous helpers.


  1. I love the new house! I can't wait to hang out there more :)

  2. i loved helping you move. even if i only touched a few boxes and a handful of pillows.

    after moving around my furniture a bunch these last few months, i completely understand the thankfulness that flows out when people offer their muscles and hands to help move.

    i am so happy i got to see your new place. next time i come up, i can't wait to see it in all its decorated glory.


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