Friday, September 4, 2009

longest day of all time

really. this feels like the LONGEST day of ALL time! i fear that i will never leave my office, the day is SURELY dragging.

i should start with some background. i work for a screenprinting, embroidery & promotional products company. {i don't know if you're supposed to put your company's name in your blog, so if you need anything like that just leave me a comment & we'll hook you up} i do inside sales which basically means assisting our sales reps here.
this morning as i came into work i saw a very abnormal sight. everyone in our production department was cleaning. cleaning everything. there were people on giant ladders scrubbing the ceiling, people sweeping the floors and wiping the walls. nothing was being "produced", none of the presses were running, no one at their normal stations. my boss was also in production talking to a man in a uniform & looking pretty concerned. i thought "oh dang!"

welp now you're getting to see a glimpse of my luck. one night - broken glass in my bed, few days later - my work catches on fire. yep, on fire! i didn't see the flames but i hear they were biggins'. our fearless production "fire-fighters" put out the flames themselves with extinguishers & water. we're lucky that they were so brave, the fire department passed right by our building and our giant sign outside. what a way to start the morning right?
the fire marshall was here after the flames were quenched & basically said we have to change / fix / clean everything in the whole joint. everyone was working their tail off getting things in tip-top shape so that the marshalls will love us again. it was really fun to see everyone work together. it's like a little family here. i really like it - but i do not like fires.

once the longest day of all time is complete i will begin enjoying labor day weekend. oh, it will be glorious. it is mine & benny's anniversary weekend as well. we have some plans but those will have to wait for another post.

needless to say i'm really excited for a weekend full of love-day dates with my fantastic husband, relaxing, organizing the new place, cooking breakfast, a new sermon series start & an extra day to do all of those things i love.
hope your weekend is fire-less {full of friends, fun & joy}
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  1. Happy Anniversary and congratulations! I hope you guys have a wonderful and romantic weekend!

  2. Love you Jen Jen! I cant believe it was a year ago we were getting you ready for your wedding:)


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