Monday, September 28, 2009

that's amore monday <3

i guess you never really know what to expect when it comes to that's amore monday. i have free reign to choose absolutely anything i love & share it with you. scared yet?

today my honoree is something that brings a smile to my face each & every morning monday through friday. it makes me chuckle, educates me & dishes all the gossip.

as i child i HATED when people talked on the radio in the morning. i loathed it. i would instantly change the station as soon as i heard a dj's voice. now i LOVE to listen to one morning show {only one} and it is 'kidd kraddick in the morning.' {i still hate all others} seriously, it makes my morning to listen to their 4 or 5 hosts chit chat everyday. i hate to get out of my car in the morning knowing that i'm going to miss the end of their bit. it seems that on all other shows the hosts are either incredible corny or vulgar as can be {i dislike both}. kidd's show is neither of those. i love 'love letters to kellie,' {where people write in & ask for love advice from the love expert, kellie} i love 'get over it' {where people write in, give a small anticdote & tell someone to "get over it" - its hilarious}, i love the hizziewood hizzle {where i get all the gossip} and i must admit i love 'the zine scene' {where jenna tells us about something she's dug up out of recent magazine articles}. i love the banter, i love the games, i just love it!

if you've never tuned in i would encourage you to try it - everyone needs something to laugh about on your way to work because going to work isn't funny. here in lexington it is aired on 102.5 {not my favorite station during the day} but in the morning...oh my! <3


  1. I love Kidd as well :) I listen in every morning on my way to work.

  2. I listen every morning TOO!!!!

  3. Nice to 'meet' you Jen! My daughter is a volunteer leader for a new YL group in Ontario, Canada, near where she goes to university. She's really excited about it. The summer before last she was on summer staff at Wildhorse in Oregon. Loved it. We've always been involved in Young Life - my husband and I actually met on a YL trip to Saranac Village, a LONG time ago!!!!

  4. JEN. Guess what. We get Kidd here in Evansville too. Good thing that didn't have to change about my life after moving. BUT...I don't drive to work anymore, so I watch the today show instead of listening to the radio. I think I may listen to Kidd over the web now...I'd forgotten my love for that morning show.


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