Thursday, October 1, 2009

isn't that sweet?

i thought all the bloggers out there would love this little story.

last night i stopped by my parent's house for the specific purpose of teaching my parents how to comment on blogs. i guess you aren't just born with inherent blog intuition after all. i sat down with my pops {who says he reads faithfully...isn't that sweet?} & showed him how quick & painless it is to drop a note. they were just looking in all the wrong places. as you can see from my last post's comments "momma steph" has mastered the comment. i'm so proud! if you are in my family {or otherwise} & still haven't captured "the comment" concept here's a lil step-by-step.
you don't have to have a blogger account & you don't have to sign in to anything {if you don't want}. under whatever post you hope to comment on there is a little line of text embedded in the blog. it will say in small print "posted by jen" and next to it will read "__ comments" the blank will have a number that tells how many comments have already been written for that post. once you select "__ comments" it will take you to another page; scroll down until you get to the text box - that's where you write your little diddy and then you have to select a "profile." if you don't have a google account or other listed there you can choose "name/URL" & just type a name no URL needed. easy as pie!

comment away. you know i love comments.
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  1. thats our not computer oriented but i love them anyway :)

  2. Jen. I would like to know how to comment on other peoples' comments, please.

    Also, thanks for commenting on the google groups. Maybe you can give our Bible study girls a tutorial tonight as we're swapping accessories.


  3. ohh, yay! i have been stalking your blogs (and most of you other lexington girls) for quite some time now, and have wanted to comment but had no idea thanks!

    and thanks for all the blogs. they make my night many o' nights. :)


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