Monday, October 19, 2009

that's amore monday <3

today is monday. that's amore monday.

welcome again to the crazy land of jen's loves. as time goes on i hope to be less & less predictable with my unveiling of loves; i think that i've kept it far - here's hoping that continues. i also hope you enjoy feeding your eyes with the images from today's 'amore' as much as i enjoyed gathering them. today i honor you lovely shutters. i cannot for the life of me figure out what is so intriguing about a little wooden slatted board but i just love them. i love all different colors, shapes, sizes. the possibilities are really endless. they dress up the outside of your home & give it personality. unfortunately at my abode right now the impression my shutters are giving to the outside world a blah one. perhaps i will find some inspiration below!

i don't think i'll ever own any like these but i love the bright colors framing each window.

i love outdoor shutters...each with their own little story
i love inside shutters.

beautiful distressed wood...pitter patter

brighten up a breakfast nook

create privacy and an atmosphere
sometimes i even think that i love pictures of shutters as much as the real deal. i have seen so many artistic & beautiful photos of simple shutters. one may grace our home one day. is that strange?

old, worn, dirty shutters may be my favorite of all. i wouldn't want them hanging off the front of my house but i just adore they way they look with their chipped paint & scuffed up edges. i just can't get enough.
shutters have a multitude of uses other than their original purpose of boarding up a window. here are a few ways to get creative with a fabulous shutter.
as a magazine rack.

as a book case.
as a room divider.
as a mail holder / sorter. {for no extra charge...multiple other unique re-purposed items for this job}. i'm actually currently in the market for a way to sort our mail. i think i just fell in love.
as a headboard.
if you have an affinity for shutters as well please do share.
{images from all over the place {none of which are mine}. each pic should be linked to their rightful owner.}


  1. I like all of these pictures A LOT! Good that's amore monday :)

  2. Shave, I love them all. I miss you little shutters in your old house!

    Also, I need to come over soon and see all the things you've been doing!


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