Monday, October 12, 2009

charlie brown & the great pumpkin

this weekend was full of friends, fun & fall. as you saw in our last post we attended the most beautimous fall wedding ever & then on sunday trucked on over to indiana for some pumpkin patch magic. 13 or 15 of us made the trip & it was a wonderful adventure. it was a cool, crisp day {not nearly as cold as i was anticipating}. i took some shots from the trip - here they are - for your enjoyment...
this was our destination, huber's orchard. we didn't do everything listed on the green sign but we did take them up on the two smaller signs :) we went to the apple orchard, pumpkin patch, ate apple cider donuts {bomb}, went on a hay ride & a wagon ride & hung out will all our friends!

me & ben. i'm hiding in the shadow of his head because the sun was SO bright & i am really squinty.
that's me squinting. told you.that's the patch. while the experience was very fun & a fall necessity we did decide that huber's {while great} had a pretty sketchy picking philosophy. dear jules pointed out that all the pumpkins still attached to the vine were the warty uglies and all the pretty pumpkins were sitting upright with the stems precut. so essentially while we were wanting the experience of "picking" our pumpkin out of the patch we were more or less just walking through a field of already "picked" pumpkins that had been strategically scattered. hmmm.
i did love a giant perfect pumpkin but decided that while at the farm i'd get a smaller unique pumpkin and wait to get our big carving pumpkins in lexington {for less money}. so that's what i did. i'm sorry i didn't take a pick of my great pumpkin but i'll show you soon, after i clean him up & make a centerpiece around him :) anyone have any suggestions on what we should carve into our big pumpkins?
shan & andy were in town from south carolina. i LOVED having our house guests for the weekend. that's shan on the right & sweet jenna on the left. they both have blogs {click their names to check 'em out}.
an apple tree. call me ignorant but i had no idea that each tree had SO much fruit. each branch was COVERED in apples. when i voiced this at the orchard micah said "that's because it's attached to the vine." very true! i'm saving this pic for a john 15 analogy - you are welcome to as well.
. hayride.'shood.
vineyard grapes. we didn't get to sample any of these but i thought it was a pretty shot of the place. they also had all different kinds of fruit at the farm that i'd like to come pick in the spring.
i bought my short, fat, light orange pumpkin from a tractor of pre-picked pumpkins like this. katie says that they are called ornamental variety pumpkins, not mexican gourds. i trust her.
pretty soon i will be jumping in piles of leaves. woot woot.


  1. sorry i comment on your blogs almost every day but they always make me so happy! i really look forward to reading them whenever you post one (:

  2. THANKS RACHIE POO!! I love that you love them! AND i LOVE comments...never apologize for you wonderful comments! keep them comin'.

    ALSO, I miss you....bad.

  3. I feel soo jealous!!! I wish I could have come. Maybe next year!

  4. It's true about all the pretty ones already being cut and scattered around. I wonder where those ones actually came from, because I don't think it was from the field we were in.


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