Tuesday, October 6, 2009

new additions

not to be confused with new edition...and also not a baby.

we have some new additions around the house & i thought that i would share them with you this morning. i'm sure this is much more exciting for me than for you but i feel compelled so here ya go!

benny has been a little busy bee & i am LOVING it. he completed the faceplate/outlet task! they all look great and really did make a huge difference in the way each room looked. now would be a good time to mention that we participated in our first neighborhood yard sale this weekend. well be kind of participated. we had a "garage" sale. which consisted of us putting our junk in the garage, opening the door and taping a sign up that said "FOR SALE knock on front door if interested." we sold all the faceplates we were planning on tossing in the trash and a couple outlets as well! cash for trash...TREAT! we also sold a desk {but bought two more off craigslist so i'm not sure that we made money on that deal}. i'll show you those later.

next on ben's list of handiness is that he spray painted the insides of the rest of our air intakes. yes, in a 20 year old house all the interiors of the intakes were still unpainted so that you could see the dry wall and 2 by 4's...perfect. so we took care of that! instead of being an eye-sore they are basically invisible.

item #3. my parents got me a phatty grill for my birthday. it is definitely a present for me & the hubs. he will love this. i will love it because i LOVE grilled food, help in the kitchen & having all our friends & fam over for meals & hang outs. cook out anyone?

benny put it together for me. action shot - he didn't know i had the film :)

almost finished product {but still in the garage; hasn't made it out to the deck yet} sorry for the dark pic. taken at night.
awesome husband duty #4. benny hung new blinds in ALL our windows {even the utility room}. wow! what a room changer! we went from having NO blinds in most windows and crappy mini-blinds taped to their brackets in a few. this was such an upgrade for us and i am elated at the final product. we got 2" faux wood blinds from home depot. they were half the price of real wood {thrifty} but still have weight to them and are durable / sturdy. i'm so pumped about them. now if only i could get it together on the window treatments we'd be set! until we paint {says ben} i just have to live with the bare {blinded} windows or put up these tab curtains from ikea. ps - i wish i had taken a before pic of this. in our bedroom we had no blinds or curtains and were living with a navy sheet fastened with hair ties to curtain brackets. i'd say this is at least 1 step up from that!

here they are...don't mind all the junk on the floor please.

a feature we love...they CLOSE! item # 1 billion. benny also hung up our entry-way coat rack. i couldn't get a good pic because 1. i'm a poor photographer 2. i was jammed up into the wall trying to get this one. i think this wall will fill out nicely someday. we hope to paint in there, put in new floors & one day add a little bench. i think another fabulous addition would be a little personalized umbrella stand as well. here is the wreath i didn't want to show you because it wasn't very creative. i just added a homemade deep orange bow to the grapevine wreath and ta-da! happy autumn! ben knocks it off the door everytime he walks by. the one thing i hang up is the most unsturdy thing in the house. go figure. we have plans for this door & the outside shutters too. i want to paint them black & since momma steph has a gallon of glossy black exterior paint just lying around it turns out that my dreams may come true!our shower curtain came in! i love it and i decided to put it in the guest bathroom, the gray room. i have some gray paint samples shown below. none of them are the color i ended up falling in love with. it is a medium gray & i love it. i have some big plans in there. can't wait to share them with you but i will save that for another post. we're still in the market for one more. let me know if you see anything out there for me!

the final addition for this post is that today my family dog, red will be coming to live with us for about 2 weeks. we'll be parents! i'll let you know how that works out!

welp friends have a fantastic tuesday.


  1. Did you already purchase the gray paint? If not, I have almost a full gallon of the same color gray as our spare bedroom and back living room. You could have it if you liked it!

  2. YES! I would love to take a look at that paint rach! THANKS FRIEND!

  3. JEN!! Kevin and I really need to come see your new house!! I am so excited for all your new additions, I can't wait to see more :)

  4. I've enjoyed seeing all your home improvements! Great job on the faux wood blinds - when we replaced all of our blinds they recommended the faux wood because they won't warp. Lookin' good!

  5. Jen, I'm so impressed at all you've got done so far. Especially the blinds - I would love to redo ours. It looks great!

  6. i can't wait to see it in person!
    only a few more days!

  7. Jen, thank you for stopping by, I don't think I've been by here before either. So nice to meet you. Looks like you are in decorating mode too. Please come back & see me again!


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