Wednesday, October 14, 2009

mother goose

i wanted to share a birthday gift i recieved with you today blogland. it's funny that the first thing i thought of for a title was mother goose because the friend who gave it to me is a soon to be 'mother' and the gift is essentially a goose! here is a {link} to take a gander at this goose from anthropologie.
it is a goose ring nest - to hold your sparkly jewels. i wish you could see all the details on this little wonder. i should have snapped a pic of my own so you could see all the mini dots and feathers. it sits in our master bathroom vanity & every day i fall more in love with it. pre-goose ring nest i always sat my wedding rings & other items on the counter, always scared that they would be knocked off & lost forever by the time i got out of the tub. BUT ALAS...i no longer live in fear. i shower knowing that my tiny goose helper is holding my valuables (& sometimes costume) trinkets with care. i tend to put my rings on the neck & my earrings in the body. thanks cory! i love this tiny treasure!

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  1. Hehe... Thank for your comment! I wish you had participated in it too!! Maybe there will be another! ;)


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