Thursday, October 22, 2009

could i be more excited? no!

i am counting down the hours until something i like to call "girl's weekend" kicks off. me & 3 of my bestest friends in the whole world are road tripping down to the great state of south carolina to visit another one of our very best besties, shannon. you may remember me mentioning her move in this previous post. i am beyond excited to get down there. i'm not sure what the word is that i should be using instead of excited, but i'm that. i plan to take lots of pictures to capture all our memories & adventures & of course, to share with blogland.

you will find me here...
with her. shannie poo.
and them. holly & jenna.
and of course little rach.
i'm pretty sure that we are all terrible with directions so it should be nothing less than a miracle that we arrive without error but i know the trip down & back will be almost as fun as being down there. i can't wait to see shannon, can't wait to see her new big girl apartment, can't wait to see her town, hang out with all the girls, wander around the little shops, restaurants & parks, dance, sing, celebrate, catch up, eat, drink {diet coke} & be merry.
i'll be sure to give you a weekend recap upon our return. i'm smiling as i post...i'm so pumped!


  1. Oh my goodness...that sounds like too much fun! I pray blessing upon your trip, for laughter and true beauty of fellowship. Have a blast!
    ~ Wendy

  2. umm hello?! why wasn't i invited to go on this trip?? is it because i'm pregnant?! you better not discriminate...that's illegal. i feel sad. you know i love shannon and would love to visit and i heart road trips with my all just forgot about me didn't you :(

  3. Hey I just wanted to say I've been creepin' this here blog for a while now... And I just wanted to say that I like what I'm seeing. Road trips, Flowers, and pretty things pretty much sums me up if you know what I mean. Keep on keepin' on.


    Creepy Old Man

    P.S. - This is your husband, I love you...

  4. I feel super excited!! And Jen, I am not that much smaller than you :(
    Also, I just read Ben's post and laughed out loud sitting here at my desk!


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