Monday, October 5, 2009

that's amore monday <3

hello friends. today it is monday. that's amore monday.

this is not a solicitation for birthday wishes i promise. today i am old. today i turn 24. yep the big 2-4. now i know that those of you who are older than i will be telling me i'm wrong but i feel like that is really getting up there. 24 years old sounds infinitely older than 23 years old in my head. so in efforts to celebrate my maturity {aka old-ness} today i will honor my favorite birthday treat. the dot cake. yes it is out of a box & it is so stinkin' good! i should clarify that dot cake is not a brand recoginized cake. it is the beautiful combination of a pilsbury cake mix & betty crocker icing. its is abundantly sweet & i adore it!

here is what said dot cake should look like. i got one of these yesterday {not this exact cake but one like it. } my momma's was on a pretty cake stand though.

people often get confused by the dot cake. they think you can just get the funfetti line of products {cake & icing} to create dot cake. common misconception. funfetti cake is a key ingredient but does not make dot cake on its own. once in a pinch i had to create my own funfetti cake. i used white pilsbury cake mix and just shook sprinkles into the batter. it creats exactly the same effect. unfortunately my sprinkles had brown sprinkles as well. they aren't cute baked in a cake.

i think it is safe to say that this is the most vital part of the dot cake creation. rainbow chip icing. it is delicious. if you've never tried this & you like treats - you MUST immediately go to kroger & pick up a tub of this sugary goodness. {sidenote: it's tasty deliciousness is not limited to cake, it also tastes great scooped up with teddy grahams - like homemade dunkeroo's}

hope you have a very sweet monday.


  1. this is my favorite cake, as well! we are so alike (: i miss you jen jen. have a super dooper 24th birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Shave! I can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I cant believe it's 10-5 already! Remember 12 years ago when you told me how all the birthdays in your family add up to 15!! How old are we?? I hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable birthday!! Ohh and I hope you've kicked off your Christmas season... I know i have!

  4. this is a lesson everyone should learn. remember the time i tried to use funfetti icing?! horrible. i've set quite a few people on the right path since then :)
    what a perfect occasion thats amore mondays?!

  5. I love dot cake so much - and you are so right about the icing - it makes the cake! Hope your birthday was wonderful :)


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