Thursday, October 29, 2009

lament my ailment(s)

sometimes i don't know what is acceptable blog material & what is not. but it is my blog & the majority of the people reading are friends & family or bloggers that will keep with me no matter what direction my topics tumble. so here is a non-decorating, non-house-related, non-adventure related post. read at your own risk...i won't sneeze on you.

welp i caved in and went to the dreaded doctor. i hate going to the doctor's office {no offense to any of you doctor's out there in blogland} i just hate it. i put it off until death is knocking at my door. but since i had a list of symptoms as long as my arm i thought i should head in.

anyway...nothing drastic happened i got some antibiotics for one ailment & i made an appointment with a specialist for another. that part kind of scared me. ok, really scared me but now i'm feeling much more at peace about the idea. i know that whether they find something serious or nothing at all that i am in the powerful & protecting hands of my good god. in addition i have a fantastic husband that always takes care of me when i'm sick & a wonderful family who blesses me daily - i don't have a whole heck of a lot to fear.

prayers welcome for good health & good doctors. and don't forget to praise our great lord for all the amazing ways he is constantly at work. he is so good.


  1. I am so glad that you went to the doctor! You really needed to!

  2. Jen, I appreciated the authenticity of this post and I will say a prayer for you.
    ~ Wendy

  3. prayers to you for good health and great doctors keep us updated.
    -Mrs. A

  4. Your dad is glad you finally went to the doctor. As much as we "hate" or fear to go the doctor, sometimes it's just what we have to do. Remember, for some, going to the doctor isn't even an available option.... we are blessed.


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