Monday, October 26, 2009

.come away with me.

as promised, here is our girl's weekend getaway recap. if you know me at all you know that i 1. love my friends 2. love road trips 3. love visits 4. love the combo of #1, #2 & #3. visiting little shan shan was definitely one of the highlights of my year. i can't wait to go back & visit again. as i predicted before the car ride down was a funfest. ryan adam's has a song called 'my sweet carolina' that we probably should have listened to this song all the way down to easley, sc but instead we listened 'river of dreams' by billy joel. holly sometimes like to call it 'field of dreams' like the kevin cosner movie. we also hit about every other billy hit out there.

here we are in the car. there's jenna & holly. i made jenna laugh on purpose for this one. she's a giggler.
rach drivin' us down!

me SO pumped {as if you couldn't tell}.

also as predicted we did get a little lost on our way down - but only ONCE - and we feel that it was a legitimate confusion. who knew that we should follow signs to atlanta instead of greenville when we were GOING to greenville. legit? yes. not to mention that south carolina has now been coined the darkest state in the U.S. by our car. not a street light in sight. pitch black with tiny street signs = lost kentucky girls. but we prevail! we made it! the trip back home was a little less fun for me. i got super sick & even had to ralph in a walgreen's bathroom. ew.

the drive both ways was absolutely beautiful. all the leaves were changing throughout the mountains. i don't think that words or apparently a picture can really capture it {at least not at 70 mph}

we got to shan's apartment around 10 pm or so. we got to see her super precious place for the first time & made a mickie d's run & just caught up. it was fantastic. that night we stayed up later than i had in a while & i loved every minute of it.

the next morning we got up early-ish as to not waste our day away. we got cleaned up & headed out for some good ol' bo-berry biscuits from bojangles. we don't have a bojangles so this was a special treat for us girlies. i got one bo-berry & one cinnamon. :)then off to shop. my #5 on my list is that we love to shop. not just buy things but look around.... and sometimes buy things. we found a new store that might be our downfall. it turns out that we have one here in ky just an hour away. we had no idea what a little treasure 'world market' is. i think we may be obsessed with their unique & INEXPENSIVE housewares. i wanna go back!

no these are not all my bags. its all of our bags. we got lots of pretties for our homes. i'm sure i'll be showing you mine very soon.we also stopped in some vintage stores, outdoor stores, boutiques, tea shop, a dog barkery and more.

here's shan in her gorgeous jean boots. made of actual jeans. eek.this sign was on the window outside the shop. sad.
we also had some nature time. we went to the reddy river in downtown greenville {i think}. it was so pretty and we had the most perfect weather for being outside. not too hot, not too cold, breezy & sunny.

we had to make a friend bridge to get from the side to the waterfall and back. i thought one of us was definitely going down but we all made it - safe & dry.asking strangers to take pictures is kind of awkward. BUT the bench pic is my favorite of the trip so i'm glad i waited & waited for a sweet mom to take the shot.saturday evening we went out to 'trio' to celebrate shan & my birthday's. i ate a yummy calzone, laughed & talked with my besties. it was glorious.i am so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends & i am continually encouraged by their hearts & lives - they are such faithful women of the lord. i hope that you have people like that in your life as well. the lord has blessed us with much!

hooray for friends, adventures & celebration


  1. This looks like so much fun! I'm glad you all had a great trip! And I'm glad you got to experience World Market. They have several by my parent's house in Columbus and I LOVE them! I got a 6x9 area run for our family room there for $150. Everywhere else I looked they were running around $900. (Except the rug was light colored and we got it right before we got Moose - he has ruined the rug with muddy paws and we finally got rid of it - but still it was such a deal!)

  2. I miss shan. And wish I could have gone. DANGIT INDIANA!!!

  3. i laughed out loud, multiple times. I think because I can hear you saying all these things in my head, and because, well we all do/say really funny things when we are together. I asked some other people if they thought my toilet paper idea was legit, and nobody agreed. I blame dawn for conditioning me to believe I will never see a bathroom on road trips. whatever :)

  4. Jen,
    All the pictures are so beautiful! I am totally going to steal all of the group pictures. We need to plan another trip for several months out so that we don't let the time get away from us!

  5. Jen,
    I love your blog! Downtown Greenville is one of my favorites! Y'alls pictures are precious! Hope you are well :)

  6. maybe you should note that i did not already have nor did i buy those JEAN BOOTS from the store. And thank you for putting that picture up. I'm sure blogland is thankful.

    thanks for a perfect weekend.


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