Friday, October 2, 2009

the anti-creation

this is how i feel about crafts right now. let me explain...
welp friends i had hoped to share with you two projects this week that i was super psyched about. i wanted to show you how handy & creative i had gotten. unfortunately, i became neither handy or creative so i have nothing to share except for failure.

my handy disaster:
as i mentioned in a post last weekend i had purchased 3 new curtain rods for the house (half price from a fabric store sale). i was so excited to put them up so i had momma steph over to help figure out my borrowed drill etc. i've never hung anything other than pictures (unanchored) and i'm not really even very good at that. SO...we start by removing the old hardware. that is easy enough. then we're really excited because we think that we can use the pre-existing holes for our new rods. i said the statement, "wow! this is going to be so easy." - i'm stupid.

we quickly found out that the holes didn't match up with the new hardware SO i have to redrill new holes. that doesn't sound terrible i know, but i have to putty the old ones before the new holes are made because they will have to be so close together. we don't want to take the chance of it ripping out of the wall & take a huge chunk of dry wall with it. we started that venture in the den, next we moved to the dining room.

i bought a black curtain rod for that room but had intentions of painting it white to match a chandelier (that i am also painting). the hooks (already in the wall) looked VERY similar to what i wanted to put up so once again we think: yes! i can use the new rod and just paint the existing brackets (and holes). so easy! upon second look the existing brackets are completely misaligned! i COULD still use those hooks if i wanted my curtain and rod to slant up toward the ceiling on one end. the story ends with us having fewer window treatments up then we did when we began.

my creative disaster:
in college i had two hat boxes that were pink & brown & matched my bedroom. after marrying benny we got away from the pink & brown {since it was too girly} but i didn't want to ditch my precious hat boxes. my thought was to spray paint them in metallic bronzy gold bottoms & cream lids. i also got these great pearl embellishments from martha stewart to adorn the edge of the lid {its cuter than they sound}. the boxes originally had stripes on the bottom or lid & polka dots on the other. to cover that up i spray painted with white first {to act as a primer}. i thought "i'm being so smart." the stripes were un-cover-up-able. and then to add to the mess further the cream did nothing good to the boxes {disaster part I} but the metalic bronze looked AWESOME. at this point i was still super pumped. i thought i'll just paint the lids and bottoms all bronze. the wind blew while i was inside waiting for that coat to dry and the plastic tarp it was on rubbed all over the wet paint ruining it {disaster II}. i know that i COULD sand the boxes and start over but for silly little boxes it just seems crazy to put that much time into it. needless to say - this week was not a great week for crafting :( the only fun thing that came out of it is that i learned of my love for this metallic paint and can't wait to find somewhere else to use it!

just as the weather is brightening up here in lexington, i'm hoping my crafting & handiness will perk up as well. this weekend we have hopes of hanging blinds in all the windows in the house! i am SO excited! i hope that doesn't turn into a disaster project as well. happy crafting bloggers. please feel free to share your handiness with me, the impaired.


  1. if i remember correctly, this picture was taken on a night where we both had braids... maybe where the quote originated..

    p.s. i want to come over soon.

  2. Jen - welcome to the world of home ownership and "easy to do(fix)" projects. If there is anything I have learned while attempting new projects, it is that by the time you finish the project, you wish that you had another identical project to complete, because now you know what you are doing. If you ever need help, give me and Mom a call.(She's your best bet for already having done it!!) Dad


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