Monday, October 26, 2009

that's amore monday <3

what you all have been waiting for - a little treat on the worst day of the week. that's amore monday. this past weekend we ventured to south carolina, it was wonderful on top of wonderful on top of wonderful. a glorious trip that i plan on sharing with you VERY soon {like tomorrow}.

today for that's amore monday i honor sensational decorating books. while on my carolina holiday we stayed at my dear friend shannon's new apartment. on her coffee table was a gem that was just waiting for me to drool over {not literally; shannon i didn't spit on your book}. as most of you probably know our beloved domino magazine is no longer being published, to the distress of many. shan said "as soon as i heard they were closing i went right out & grabbed the book." how wise is she?! the book is 'Domino: The Book of Decorating: A Room-by-Room Guide to Creating a Home That Makes You Happy.' it is chalked full of gorgeous rooms, fabric, layouts, wallpaper, lighting & the list goes on & on. its a hardback book & it is a masterpiece. i want it! i need it! it is a great resource & a creative inspiration. it's going on my christmas list fo sho. mom(s) did you see that?

if you haven't checked it out yet i highly recommend it. here is a pic for your viewing pleasure.

other books that i have NOT had the pleasure of sneaking a peek at but would like to...if you have read either please do share your thoughts.
happy monday. happy reading. happy decorating. happy drooling.
that is that's amore monday.


  1. ba hahaha you did drool on her book. literally. :) I had the best weekend with you!!!

  2. Way freaky! Dad & I saw your beloved Domino book at a bookstore this weekend! I told him that I thought you would love it and it should be a Christmas gift...he thought I was nuts! HAHA Dad, told you so! Don't give the idea away, ssshhhhh supposed to be a surprise!

  3. you DROOLED on my book? shave! that's inappropriate. but i understand. you can't help it you know? it's domino!

    glad you enjoyed my coffee table book. hope you get a domino one someday. muah and heart.


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