Thursday, October 8, 2009

date night in

i am very excited about this evening. ben & i are going to have a date night "in" this evening as a belated birthday celebration. we are going to order in cheng's which is this delicious little chinese restaurant near our house. cheng's is very reasonably priced & has the best chinese i've had so far in lexington. ben & i used to have "chinese thursday's" as a routine & we tested out many different spots. we quit shopping after we found cheng's. we plan to eat in the dining room by candle-light. mostly out of necessity since we took down the ceiling fixture & haven't replaced it with a new one {which you will get to see soon}. fried rice, egg drop soup & general tso's here we come! mmm....i can't hardly wait. even more exciting than the excellent food and romantic atmosphere will be that i'll get to spend the evening with my super fun best friend ben.
i hope you get to eat yummy food with your favorite person tonight too.


  1. So fun!!! That looks amazing! Hope it's a special one! :)

  2. Cheng's huh? I am so jealous! Enjoy your belated-birthday-date-night-in-celebration!

  3. I get to eat yummy bday food tonight too! Enjoy :)


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