Friday, October 9, 2009

read between the lines

i think it may be safe to say: yes, i am obsessed. i have found a new love, of the older, wooden persuasion. i know this is infringing on my 'that's amore monday' but i just couldn't save it until then. due to my impatience you get to see my newest fascination in time for the weekend where you can swoon your holiday away wishing you had these fabulous pieces in your home. the card catalog, now obsolete in libraries everywhere, are absolutely beautiful additions to any room. and as you will see below there are infinite ways & spaces where they can be utilized. may i have one please?

used as a kitchen island. what a unique way to hold recipies, hand towels, & all types of kitchen wares!
just snuck in a corner to add a little interest, storage & a flat space to add in your personal taste.
catalog used in the den as a table of sorts. it fits perfectly there.
giant piece! love it! it makes a grand statement & think of all the things you could organize in there!
this is more of an industrial look, makes me feel like i'm in a locker room but i still just adore it. i love the they are metal & blue & the cubbies are bigger than most. even in a garage this could do wonders or bringing inside could create a modern or 'loft' feel.
card catalog conversion. it has transformed into a coffee table. pottery barn eat your heart out.
miss creative card catalog. this may be my favorite use of all. the crafting card catalog. i love that its amongst all of her creations, i can only imagine what the drawers hold. i also appreciate the brightly colored labels that inserted into each drawer.
insert it in the dining room & buck the traditional buffet table. how pretty! it feels sophistocated & fun all in one. i think all the books above are labeled with the dewey decimal system too...precious.
inventive usage. i hate alcohol so i don't think that i'll end up with a card catalog bar but i did think this was very creative. the flat boards on the top also slide out which the owners use as a bar for mixing drinks etc. way to be resourceful!
i hope i didn't frighten you with my crazy new love. i am determined that one day {mark my words} a vintage card catalog will grace the brzinski household. craigslist...cough it up! i'm on the prowl so let me know if you see any {remember my teeny tiny budget}.
library card { i added pink text} provided by flickr:
1. kitchen island: apartement therapy
2. corner piece: apartment therapy
4. masive catalog: hgtv
5. locker: being red blog
6. coffee table: casa sugar
7. fashion & crafts room: shelter pop
8. dining room: martha stewart
9. bar cabinet: journal


  1. I think Cory would love this! You know how organized she is :)

  2. i love that!!! i have so many crafty things I could put in those. Oh, that got me excited!

  3. haha kayla i DO LOVE THIS!! i was thinking about how organized i could be if i had one of these in my house. i love the craft one...its my fave!!

  4. Jen - This makes me smile!!!! We'll find you a grreat card catalog file..... Dad


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