Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a show woe

my fantastic hubby got me a gift for my birthday that i had been requesting for about 4 years. my family asks me for wishlists each & every holiday and somehow this particular gift {that i had been dreaming of} had eluded them all. for FOUR years. so like i said, benny boo came through & brought me all The O.C. that one heart can hold. all four seasons of my all-time favorite show. i realize it is a teenage soap opera; don't judge me. if you watched it you'd love it too. you would want to go on double dates with seth & summer - guaranteed.

so each night since i received my precious gift we have watched an episode of two in bed before our slumber. i have balled watching each episode. not just one little sweet glimmering tear, i think this is what they call sobbing. where you get that lump in your throat because you don't want to cry but then it just wrenches until you burst. every episode. i don't know what's going on with me. i don't know if i am being hormonal or have a REALLY unhealthy attachment to this program {or both} but something is definitely wrong with me.
i should also clarify that the show is very dramatic & the season finales are really the true tear-fest but i have NOT been watching finales where all this crying would be acceptable. these are just the first few episodes of season 4 that have me all choked up. what makes it worst is that after each episode ben looks over at me and says: "aww. are you crying?" which makes me cry more because i feel ridiculous.

someone please tell me that i am not alone. do you have a certain thing that always get you to tear up even though you know it is completely irrational? the people aren't real for crying out loud {no pun intended}. more specifically do you have a bizarre connection to a show that fills you with emotion? i really gotta know! even if one person will be in this with me i would feel much more justified. please?


  1. oh yes. especially season 4! their lives are all falling apart!
    but i do randomly cry. i know what you mean. also, i looked for those to get you one for your birthday and failed! good job, benny!

  2. well...I don't have a show that I watch that always makes me cry. However, I can no longer watch that show with Ty (the carpenter) where they go in and fix up these really dilapidated homes for deserving families. That one gets me everytime! I also cry when they show those old Hallmark commercials around Thanksgiving & Christmas....don't know why!

  3. UPDATE: i watched season 4 episode 4. NO TEARS! it was a close call when seth left providence to go back to newport to give summer space {since she was being "new summer" and he said: "i'm not leaving because i don't love you, i'm leaving because i do." on her voicemail. BUT i didn't. TRIUMPH!

    thanks friends / mom. i like to know i'm not a crazy-face. mom, i agree with extreme home makeover. geesh tear-jerker.

  4. very normal - remember when Eric came in and we were sobbing watching the season finale.

    Please bring this to sc

  5. I just loved the Oc... such a bummer that it stopped after 4 years! Glad you got your hearts desire! :)

  6. I just wanted to stop by and say that I loved your comment you posted on Lyr's post Love Keeps No Records. I was inspired. Thank you :)


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