Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i wish i may, i wish i might...

things i would like to have arrive on my doorstep. for free.
{i would be pleased to let both keep me toasty & warm}
{to dress me up}

minako wrap blouse from anthropologie

{for some frills}

{to fancy up the den}

white down comforter from target
{to create some neutral in a room full of color & print in the guestroom re-do}

amelia earrings from candy's art design
{every girl needs some dainty treasures}

{to make my couch & i warm & look cozy while doing it}
all of the titles are linked to where they can be purchased. but like i said i would not like to purchase them, but rather have them fall from the sky and into their appropriate places in our home. what would you like to have 'poof' into your life??


  1. to answer your question...i would love to have you & ben and angie & micah just magically poof down to murray (: that is all.

  2. I love all of these. Where are the pillows from? I would like a new kitchen to poof into my that too much to ask for?

  3. rach-

    the pillows i found on esty & i put a link under them to take you to the shop that sells them. the only thing that stinks is that i'm a cheap-o & the pillows aren't outrageously priced at all, just too expensive for our tiny budget & then you still have to buy inserts for the covers :( just like stinkin' P.B.

    hence my dream that they would fall from the sky and onto my couch!


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