Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a tale of a princess

well i've put this off as long as i possibly can but today is my buh bye shannie post. one of my very best friends in the world just left to start a brand new adventure in south carolina last night. it still seems incredibly surreal. in general i'm an emotional basketcase but so far i've been surprisingly stoic. i think its because i still think of her moving as more a vacation than a permanent relocation.
i am so excited for her and am confident that the lord has brought her down there for great things! like andy, her boo. shannon is one of the girliest, sweetest, most hysterical friends i've ever known. she has been a fantastic confidant, a great listener, a counselor, a laughing partner, a faithful sister in christ, a roommate & a partner in ministry over the past 8 or 9 years. she is such a blessing to me! while i will miss frequent wednesday lunches, bible study together, late night hangouts etc., i know that we'll remain incredibly close because besties don't lose touch. i also am very excited to feel connected to her day-to-day life due to the great invention of the blog (which she better post on often). i may feel like i'm in greenville myself!
i already miss my shan but i must remember that haven't lost my friend, we're just starting a new phase, and an incredible new phase at that! i'll be praying for the lord's plan in her life and for his hand to be a constant comfort and guide in south carolina.
Here's to new adventures, new chapters & the carolinas (my favorite place). LOVE YOU SHANNON!


  1. Oh man, she will love this title :)

  2. so many tears right now. so many.

    i miss you and lexington already. thanks for being you, our wonderful friendship and the title of this blog post (holly was right...i love it). i miss you so much jen jen.

  3. you look just like ms karen in the bottem photo!


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