Thursday, August 6, 2009

what a wonderful world...

now i know that really, everything isn't wonderful in the world BUT friends, i am excited about a TON of things right now. there are just so many awesome things going on with friends & fam...i can hardly stand it.

welp, all my friends are pregnant! that's a really fun update. little mrs. cory is with child & i am so pumped. i now consider myself an aunt. which also means that ben is an uncle. uncle ben, like the rice. lib & ang are also gonna be mommas as well. i'm so excited to get to be a part of such a fun time in their lives! i love baby bumps & the babies who make them!

i also have an awesome baby cousin that was just born...this is leah hope. and she is becasically one of the most precious babies of all time. and she's tiny. my family is gigantic, & i'm glad it keeps growing!

next item on my list of fun...i get to see my dear friend mere today. this is how she dresses all the time [but not me]. she moved to louisville after she got married to her sweety, tyler. it's only an hour away but i miss her SO much! tonight holly, jen & mere have a date @ rincon once again....reunited & it feels so good.

and my final excitement for the day is that it is our 11 month wedding anniversary. ok, i know that it's not a real anniversary but i love any reason to celebrate a love day with my hubby. AND that means that we're just one month away from our ONE YEAR. TREAT! i really like him.


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