Saturday, August 1, 2009

buh bye 1st home

we're buying our first house!! benny & i are going to be home owners!! i can't even believe that we're old enough to make this type of decision. there are so many things that i can't wait to do in our new place. i can't wait to decorate & landscape the place. i can't wait to make it feel like home to us. it's EXCITING to think about all the gatherings with friends & family that will inevitably take place there, the holidays, the board games, not to mention - cooking breakfast in a kitchen that can comfortably fit two of more people at one time.

however, there are a few things that i am going to miss in our first place together. its just a little old rental but it really was perfect for us & we truly were blessed to have had it to enjoy & grow in the first year of our marriage. what fantastic memories!

i'm going to definitely miss...

having a fireplace

there is something warm an inviting about fireplaces even without the flames. we never got to start a fire in this one but when all the candles are lit the glow was glorious. i also love all the molding & trim & the space it creates to hold little pretties.

the neighborhood & lafayette high school

the location we are in now is one of the most popular in lexington. people just flock to it. i can't say i blame them...i want to live here too! we aren't moving far from this street but it isn't exactly the same. i love these old homes and the tree lined streets. and this is lafayette high school where benny & i lead young life. we LOVE LOVE LOVE our friends at that school & we love being part of this community; luckily we still get to be.

our next door neighbors, the poston's

we will obviously still be friends but as of right now they are literally 5 houses away (yes, i counted) and even though we'll still be near, it just won't be 5 houses away. i'll miss angie riding her bike down to the house with a pillow case as a sack to borrow various neighborly things.

interior shutters

i just think they are precious. i like the little bits of character that older homes have. this is definitely one of my favorites...maybe we can add shutters to our new place somewhere.

awesome trees
this is one of the two tulip poplars in our front yard. i love them. they have grown so much in the past year, just like our love...(i hope everyone is gagging now). the tulip poplars have giant leaves and give so much shade.

we also have two of the most perfect hammock trees in the back yard. these are hard perks to beat. hammocks maybe the most relaxing form of sitting ever invented. once again... there are trees where we're going, i need to be less sentimental.

well, i guess that's my walk down memory lane. soon enough i'll have all the details about the new place for everyone to see!

26 days until buh bye first home...

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  1. What a sweet posting! So good you captured these memories before the move! Can't wait to see all the cool-ness in your new place! Tell Ben I said hello!


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