Monday, August 24, 2009

that's amore monday

if you know me, you know i love monograms. i love personalized anything. well that's not true. something's that are monogrammed are ugly. i can admit that. but most i love. i would go as far as saying that i just love letters in general. it sounds silly, i realize. i am consistently drawn to them in whatever home store i roam. i already have some "B's" in our house. i want to buy more but don't want to overwhelm our guests with my addiction. here are some of the sweet things i found to share. anthropologie & etsy were two main inspiration stores for this post.

sweet stationary. {sticky notes & personalized note cards}

i don't know if i would do this in my home but i loved this little nook.
printer stand letters. interesting & pretty.

a darling pocket mirror & matching case. wouldn't this be a sweet for bridesmaids?
here are a few samples of "just letters". the B is for my family now. our YL students usually think the "b" is for "ben". if you were wondering the same thing, it's not, its for brzinski, our last name. i wanted to show you the b's in our home but i already boxed them up...maybe i'll feature them once they are hung in their home!

i think that these french doors are so inviting. looks like you are on your way to a garden party on the patio.

on a complete side-note: last night we got two phone calls letting us know about two potential snags in our housing plan.
1. our bank called to say that our credit reports had our parent's addresses listed instead of our own so we have to write a letter saying where we've lived and for how long. that doesn't seem like anything too BIG, i'm just nervous that there will be some crazy loop-hole that will stop our loan from going through.

2. barb, our realtor called & said that the current owners are saying that they won't be able to move by the closing date we had discussed. he said that he would be out on august 7th so you would think the 28th really shouldn't be an issue but i guess he's renigging.
SO....moral of the story? we need some prayer. we are so close to this all being taken care of, but of course, it's not over until the deal is done. i'm just praying that the lord will guide us in all we do and that everything will come about in HIS timing.

individual "B's" provided by flickr & etsy: white B by Marisposa, rusted B & circle B by leo reynolds, french door B from etsy's spottedleopard


  1. i am just as obsessed as you are.

    originally, that sentence said "i am just as obsessed with you..." and i thought that can't be right. i mean i love you and all. it should just say this.

    i am just as obsessed with monograms as you are.
    i love you more than i love monograms.

    there. that's better.

  2. I'm glad I was able to see you last night...and I'm glad everything worked out with the house! I can't wait to see the inside!


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