Wednesday, August 26, 2009

remember sweet things...

at exactly this time one year ago i was running around like a crazy person planning for a wedding & preparing for marriage. the engagement process for benny & me was fun & exciting, challenging & bumpy, a time of growth & a time to serve. turns out this was a little preview into our first year as a newlyweds as well. i remember being so excited about our up-coming big day that i would almost make myself sick. i kept reminding myself that while weddings are great & all it's really just a celebration of this huge union we were about to embark on. as you know...we did tie the knot {perhaps i'll share some pics of that soon too}! i am beyond blessed to have my best friend as my husband. it has been so awesome to see the ways that the lord is sharpening us, drawing us closer to Him & closer to each other.
benny is a great encouragement to me with his generous spirit & loving & patient heart.

hope you have a LOVE-ly day!

photos were taken by michael & mickie winters. check out their site...we loved them. {}


  1. lovely pictures!! you need to post an old high school one of you and ben! that would make me smile :)

  2. you and ben are so gosh darn cute! i wish you were in murray so i could see you all more often...

  3. such precious pictures. i agree with rach... a picture of junior prom at least!

    SEE YOU FRIDAY! so soon!


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