Saturday, August 1, 2009


i believe that we were each made in the image of our creator (more in our character & heart than our facial features). i think that because we have a god that is extravagant and creative and adventurous that he's placed that in our hearts as well. you can see it in the lives of people all around you; it may be lived out differently from one to the next but its in there. i've really felt the desire to create more & more as i get older. i want to blog (like this), i want take interesting photos (ones that capture moments & memories & beautiful things), i want to decorate (houses & furniture & nearly anything i can get my hands on), i want to grow things (flowers & friendships & a family...someday). I just get more thrilled as time goes on to dig into this awesome adventure that the lord's got me on!

i've been thinking about blogging for a while now and have always talked myself out of it, with my most common excuse being: "who in the world is going to want to read it?" but then it hit me... if not ONE person is blog instantly turns into a wonderful electronic myself. there's no way this could go wrong!

so here is my first entry! hooray! just one more step in the creative process!

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