Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ba ha ha

i absolutely love laughter. i think that it is one of the best gifts that the lord's given us. i love to hear others laugh & i adore laughing myself. one pastor points out that laughter points to god's creativity. i never thought about this until he said it...but i believe that it is true. i love the uniqueness of each individual's giggle. some laughs are quiet while their owner bounces their shoulders violently, some screech & squeal, some are deep and jolly, some instances even cause you to laugh so hard you make your stomach ache, your eyes tear up & you might even pee a little. i have a laugh that is generally obnoxious and loud...leading even my closest friends to be embarrased as i wail loudly in public. i feel no shame though, like i said the lord has given us each our own unique laughs and each glorifies him {i hope}.

loving laughter also encompasses often having to laugh AT yourself. i had to laugh at myself earlier this week when after a cozy night of being tucked safely in my bed, and a morning of rushing around to get out the door to make it to work on time {or 5 minutes late} i couldn't find my keys anywhere. i searched every corner of our little home and then....i found them. in the deadbolt of our front door. you say, "well that's not odd jen." they were on the outside of our door. so i learned this lesson: locking our doors does no good if you are just going to leave your keys to your home {and car} right on the outside of the door for any strange stranger to use. please learn from my scatterbrained mistakes.

i hope you each laugh loud & obnoxiously today.


  1. great story!! i only wish everyone else knew what was happening in this pic. ooooo...good times. :)

  2. i told ben and he just said..."why would she do that to you?" very serious like.

    and i said...baaaaahahahahha

  3. I know exactly what was happening in this picture.... I have heard stories... :)


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