Wednesday, August 19, 2009

new system

well, i finally started packing up boxes. i've got about 9 boxes filled which doesn't sound like a lot but i am proud of myself for getting that far. a lot of things in the house are already in baskets or bins that will be portable on their own {i'm going to consider those packed as well...that makes about 15}. see, i got more accomplished from just writing this post. here are a few of the stacks i have going.
1. it's sad to leave
2. pretty soon we won't be able to walk from room to room

while i was packing benny was helping by washing dishes. he is so mad that this is on the internet. but i'm so happy to have a loving helper. {yes that is my apron...but only because he doesn't have one...yet}

i say "new system" because after we move into the new place i am going to force my unorganized self to become miss organization {or mrs. i suppose}. i desperately want to be the crazy lady who insists "a place for everything and everything in its place." organizational skills are something i lack but WILL acquire...starting in 8 days. i got some de-cluttered inspiration from the pics below. hope you do as well.

bulletin board alternatives: i thought each was unique and could easily be personalized to fit your own taste.

someday. someday i will have a crafting station. this could be one section of such a station...this one is for gift-wrapping. i love it. all of my gift wrap is shoved under our guest room bed {sorry morgan}. having an organized & designated spot like this would be a dream!

the next few images show what can be done with shelving & bookcases. one thing i notice in each of these rooms is that each has some theme item clustered together {empty frames, clocks, glass vases, boxes} that create a unified look. i don't know that i could ever make my bookcases look so crisp...or empty.

now that i have inspired you to go organize your sock drawer & clean out the back of your closet...have a great evening.

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  1. you need some counsel from mandy stone...i hear she is a "a place for everything and everything in its place" type of lady!


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