Friday, August 14, 2009

changes {like the tupac song only more up-beat}

from what i can tell as i sit down to write this post, i'm pretty sure that it will be the least focused, most scattered post to date. BUT there are just all kinds of little tid bits that i want to share {with anyone who will listen} and none of them go together to make a cohesive post. so i apologize in advance. if you are A.D.D. like me you will likely enjoy the quick {and abrupt} changes in topic.

we close & start moving into our new home in 13 days {hopefully}! i know! so exciting. we have three sets of parents between me & hubs and grandparents galore so i think we will have a very helpful crew when the big day rolls around. we also have some family pick-up trucks lined up & have started pacing boxes which makes the move seem more real.

lafayette h.s. has started back! this is exciting for many reasons. i'm excited because YL is in full swing too; our ministry kind of "re-starts" each school year. it's time to start being back up at the school. time to go to games. time to start meeting some new friends to love on! i'm also super psyched for the girls & guys that we are blessed to have already built relationships with, students who's lives have been radically changed since meeting their savior and friends who we are blessed to get to pour out our lives for. it is so awesome to get to see a mighty god mightily at work in the lives of your friends. and how awesome is it that he invites us to be a part of that?

my study with the sophomore girls is still kicking. the numbers have dwindled a bit but i never cease to be amazed at the power that there is in meeting together & how precious it is to get to dig into scripture with friends who have newly started to follow christ. what a blessing to see them grow!

college also starts back soon. On monday for benny to be exact. 3 days. i hope to have a special post devoted entirely to that. this summer has surely flown by. it's been great, but much too short.

as college begins we get to have a new addition to the family. no, i'm not pregnant...i don't think. and no, we aren't getting a pet...yet. we're getting a morgan! one of my besties' little sis is coming down to UK for the fall and her housing fell through so benny & i get to practice the art of hospitality & host our new freshman family member!

football season and fall are also on their way. i love both. GO CATS! and yay leaves!
in other exciting {and praise-worthy} news my mom, stephanie, has decided to get baptized two weeks from sunday. the lord has been at work in both sides of my family {well, lets be honest...forever} but it has become so obvious in the past few years. how great is it to see god's work bearing fruit & coming to fruition in the salvation of those nearest & dearest to us!!

goodnight all & have a relaxing weekend in a hectic life

pictures provided by flickr {george*50}, google images & me


  1. i really wish both the wheatley sisters were living with you. that would be a treat. but at least you get one of us!

    love you dearly!

  2. i love the title of this blog. :)

  3. I am excited to help you move into your new house!! Also, exciting news about Stephanie!

  4. I loved ADD posts. Perfect for my personality. I won't lie...sometimes if people have really long posts I skim it and read like every other paragraph. What's my problem??

    Yay leaves is right!! I'm jazzed for fall as well.

    And best news of all is the Stephanie news! Hooray for answered prayers! :)


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