Monday, August 17, 2009

back to school...

i told you that it was my hope to create a back to school post for my hubby. "for him" might not be exactly the right phrase to use since he kindly asked me not to, but i'm just so proud of him that i have to do it. benny went to college right after high school but since he wasn't sure what he wanted to do with his life he took some time off about a year after starting. He dabbled in different training & professions from then until last spring. in january of this year he decided that he'd like to start back to school for elementary education. i'm so excited for him! he'll be an excellent teacher...he is fantastic with children...they flock to him; and he is extremely patient {i speak from experience}. i can picture him now in front of room of little 4th graders teaching on the declaration of independence with a tie on {that i picked out}. precious.

benny had his first class directed toward elementary education students & found himself in a class entirely made up of women. i told him "that just goes to show how much the schools need men to go teach young kids." he said "maybe i should be a fire fighter."
here's benny on his way to his first day of school {cheesin like a baby}:

i also wanted to a share the most precious pic of ben on his first day of school as a little kid. it's literally my favorite kid picture of benny, & i can't find it anywhere. {i almost cried}. hopefully i'll find it soon & be able to share it with you.

maybe we'll find it in the move, which is in NINE DAYS....yes, single digits!

i'm not a big fan of school but i am a big advocate of learning. i think we should never stop learning. i hope you learned something today.


  1. Yay for benny! He will be a great teacher! I am excited to start the last semester of my life next week!!

  2. KJ was a teacher in different elementary schools for 3 years and loved it. they could talk.


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