Thursday, August 13, 2009

2nd Street Sunday

i took a stroll down west 2nd here in lexington last sunday afternoon and snapped some shots. i don't have a fancy camera or much of an artistic eye but i wanted to share them with you. lots of giant old homes with tons of character. i think that we can all appreciate that...even if captured on film by an amateur. i also contemplated fancy-ing these up with some cute text & borders but decided against it. i hope you think they are interesting enough on their own.
goregous home with painted brick

intricate wrought iron front door handles

i LOVE weathered brick. i also love the combo of light blue & red so this particular gem makes me very happy.

little the landscaping.

i thought this front door was perfect. i love the red glass panel alternative to a screen door. it is bold & attractive.
the next 5 pics are all from the same house, it isn't refinished or anything but i think it is so interesting even though it's worn.

is it creepy to stand outside people's homes and take pictures...maybe?

making an entrance....and feeding my molding fetish

this is church by our house (not on 2nd street) but i still think its sweet. my favorite part is the pointed archway around the entrance.
wine + market, i always think it looks so cute but have never been inside. someday i will.

today i hope you go exploring!

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