Monday, August 10, 2009

that's amore monday <3

just to clarify...the "things" that i "love" in that's amore aren't generally going to be the most important things to me. because the most important things to me aren't "things". they aren't even things i necessarily want but more that i just love to look at. i love to admire beautiful things. that's not so wrong...right?
welp friends, today we're honoring interesting knobs & knockers. i know that is a weird thing to love, but i do. even ugly ones, i just love the character that an old doorknob has attached to a weathered and chipping door. so here were some of my favorite pics. enjoy.

Here is something to brighten up a stinky monday...yes, that is a real hotdog.

pictures provided via flickr, anthropologie & facebook friends


  1. that may be the greatest picture i've ever seen.

  2. i love knobs...especially glass ones :)


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